UFO Research Funding Slashed by Congress

Funding for additional UAP research has been halted by Congress.

As Congresspeople call for more transparency regarding the country’s potential UFO retrieval methods, the legislative body is gearing up to slash funding for research. Following a bipartisan push from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD), the pieces of this year’s defense funding bill that would have funded further research of UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomena, have been removed from the bill.

“The measure I championed with Senator Rounds would create a board, just like we did with the JFK assassination records, to work through the declassification of many government records on UAPs. This model’s been a terrific success for decades,” Schumer said on the floor of the Senate this week. “It should be used again with UAPs, but once again, House Republicans are ready to kill this bipartisan provision.”

A part of Schumer’s push was the creation of a 10-person panel that would scour classified UAP/UFO records and determine which records, if any, should be released immediately to the public. The Senate Majority Leader first announced his UAP transparency push in July.

“For decades, many Americans have been fascinated by objects mysterious and unexplained and it’s long past time they get some answers,” Schumer said in a statement released by his office earlier this summer. “The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena.”

Schumer’s statement continued, “We are not only working to declassify what the government has previously learned about these phenomena but to create a pipeline for future research to be made public. I am honored to carry on the legacy of my mentor and dear friend, Harry Reid and fight for the transparency that the public has long demanded surround these unexplained phenomena.”

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