Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader – How To Strengthen Psyker Abilities

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Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader lets players build any sort of character they want by choosing various origins and Archetypes. The Archetype of a character will normally decide the skills and abilities that the character learns and what roles they play in battle.


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The most unique origin of a character is if they are a Sanctioned Pysker or not, giving that character access to various Psyker abilities and later skills to learn. Psyker abilities can be further upgraded with more powerful ones being learned in later levels; it just takes the right talents and upgrades.

Increasing Psy Rating

The Level 1 Psy Rating Talent

The most important and straightforward way to increase your Psykers’ abilities is by increasing their Psy Rating. This rating, both in-game and lore-wise, is a measure of how powerful that Psyker is, determining the damage done with Psyker’s abilities and what Psyker’s abilities can be learned.

At the beginning of the game, a character’s Psy Rating is 0, still letting them use Psychic abilities, just weak ones for little damage. Every ten levels after that, the character can unlock the next Talent to increase their Psy Rating up to Rating 4. When unlocking a new Talent, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the list, as these Psyker talents are below the Archetype talents.


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Talents, Abilities, & Weapons

A Psychic Talent & New Ability

Increasing a Psyker’s Psy Rating will make any learned Psychic ability deal more damage, but low-level Psyker abilities will always fall behind further into the game. As each Psy Rating is unlocked, be sure to check the Abilities list, as new abilities can be learned. Each Psychic ability has a Psy Rating that must be matched or beat to be used by that Psyker, but also indicates the strength of the ability.

Psykers are also able to use unique Psyker weapons that give them access to other abilities in combat. Staffs have set abilities that when wielded by a Psyker, give them the ability to cast that spell through the staff. This is an easy way to use more powerful abilities, many of which may not be learned by that Psyker, depending on their origins.

It’s also important to learn other Psyker-focused talents early that will further scale the damage of Psychic abilities. Psychic Barrage is one of the best, as it adds additional damage to Psychic abilities based on the character’s Ballistic Skill bonus. There are also a few useful talents to be learned that can make Perils Of The Warp less likely to happen and further increase the usefulness of that Psyker in battle.


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