Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – How To Get A Shotgun

If you want an overpowered weapon early in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, this guide can help!

While a bow and arrow proves most effective when it comes to stealth takedowns against the various RDA forces and mechs roaming the world of Pandora, sometimes players want a high-powered shotgun with a wide spread to wipe the floor with anything in the way. But the Na’vi don’t typically wield human weaponry, which means tracking down a firearm isn’t as easy as speaking with a local vendor and hoping they sell something worthwhile.


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For those who don’t mind using the best of both worlds, a longbow and shotgun, then finding this overpowered weapon early is totally possible. Here is where to get a shotgun in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora!

Where To Find The Shotgun


Once players progress through the game’s prologue, they will inevitably stumble upon various minor points of interest on the way to Resistance Headquarters. One such POI is the Fueling Station just to the southeast of the base. Once there, players must explore a little, looting the various crates for spare parts and whatnot. But a larger yellow container stacked alongside a few green boxes should catch everyone’s eye. It’s locked and requires the SID Hacking Gun provided to the player by the Resistance. With this tool in hand, players want to return to the Fueling Station to unlock the crate. Inside, the game’s first shotgun is ready to loot!

Players will unlock the SID tool relatively early, and the puzzle to open the yellow item crate isn’t tricky. Players will have ample time to complete the puzzle and clear the lock, thereby opening up the possibility of wielding a powerful shotgun in the early game.

Benefits Of An Overpowered Shotgun Early


Players will face all manner of terrifying foes while adventuring across Pandora, with the RDA being only a tiny part of the enemy pool in this game. Let’s say the player stumbles upon a Thanator. What then?

The benefits of a powerful shotgun in the early game should be clear, though. This potent close-quarters weapon can take down some of the most formidable beasts in the game at close range and deal with the RDA Mechs without much effort. If players can close the distance quickly and pump a few shells into their enemies, it’ll make quick work of any foe.


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