Palworld: How To Get Menasting

Menasting is a somewhat rare Dark/Ground type Pal in Palworld. Here is how to get it!

There are over 100 Pals to capture in Palworld, all of which offer their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the tasks the player wishes for them to carry out. On your journey through the Palpagos Islands, you may have come across a diverse range of special Pals, all differing in their appearance and usefulness. However, some of you may have yet to come across the Menasting, a somewhat rare Pal.


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Menasting is a menacing-looking Dark/Ground Pal, sporting both a fairly high level of attack and defense. This Pal is a great addition to your party, solely because of its ability to increase the player’s defense when fighting together – along with its ability to increase the number of items dropped by defeated Electric Pals. Menasting is also a decent addition to your base, boasting a Level 2 in Lumbering and a Level 3 in Mining. But how exactly can you get Menasting?

Capturing Alpha Menasting

The first and arguably most straightforward way of capturing Menasting is to take on the Alpha variant. Alpha Menasting can be found in the Desiccated Mineshaft, which sits within the Dessicated Desert region. You can find this mineshaft by traveling southeast from the Sand Dunes Entrance fast travel point. Alpha Menasting is a high-level Dark/Ground type, so make sure to bring your best gear – along with a Grass or Dragon-type Pal to help you out.

Capturing Menasting In The Wild

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The second way to get Menasting is to capture it out in the wild. Menasting can be found within its habitat of Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3, an island located just off the coast of the Ruined City near Mount Obsidian. To get to this location, you will need either a mount capable of flight or traveling across the water. It is worth noting that you may find yourself unable to find a single Menasting on the island, so make sure to revisit it from time to time to secure one.


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Getting Menasting Through Breeding

The final way to get Menasting is through breeding two specific Pals via the Breeding Farm. Menasting has quite a few different possible parents, all of which are encountered a little later in the game. Some breeding pairs for Menasting include:

  • Suzaku & Sibelyx
  • Beakon & Mammorest
  • Helzephyr & Elizabee
  • Lyleen & Relaxaurus
  • Blazamut & Cinnamoth


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