Apple Studio Display $300 of in fantastic new deal

Apple Studio Display

$1300 $1600 Save $300

The Apple Studio Display is the ideal pairing for the MacBook Pro if you’re an Apple fan. It’s a very sharp screen and it comes with a built-in 12MP webcam. It reaches up to 600 nits of brightness and supports P3 Wide color, and it connects with a Thunderbolt cable that can also charge your laptop at up to 96W.

There are a lot of great monitor options out there, but if you’ve been looking for something that’s going to pair well with Macs, then you’re going to want to go with the Apple Studio Display. The Apple Studio Display offers a lot of screen real estate, coming in at 27 inches, features an impressive 5K resolution and offers beautiful colors which is great for those that are editing photos and videos.


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The monitor also comes with other perks as well, like Thunderbolt connectivity, a 12MP webcam and massive sound thanks to six powerful speakers. With that said, this monitor doesn’t come in cheap, costing a whopping $1599.99. Luckily, we’ve found a great deal on the Apple Studio Display that knocks $300 off for a limited time, bringing it down to its lowest price yet.

What’s great about the Apple Studio Display?

The Apple Studio Display is an absolute beast of a monitor with an impressive 5K resolution with support for up to 600 nits of brightness, P3 wide color — which amounts to a phenomenal screen that looks great for professional work and personal use. In addition to the above, the monitor also has an anti-reflective coating, which makes it great to look at in all environments, and offers support for True Tone which can provide a more natural viewing experience using ambient light sensors to detect the environment.

The monitor also features a 12MP ultrawide camera that can be used for video calls and recordings. With Center Stage technology, the camera can keep its subject in frame, which means no matter where you’re walking to, you’ll always be the focus of attention. Not only does the video look great, but the audio is top-tier as well, with six speakers to create robust immersive sounds, and also a three microphone array with beamforming that can really make your voice stand out.

The Apple Studio Display offers a lot of connectivity as well, with three USB-C and one Thunderbolt port, which is perfect for connecting and charging a laptop, creating a more seamless setup. If you own a Mac and have been looking to expand to a larger canvas, this monitor is going to be for you. Of course, at its current price, you’ll want to pick it up as fast as you can, because with this discount, it won’t be around for long.

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