The Eight Sleep Pod: Elon Musk’s favorite smart mattress system

What do Elon Musk, Scarlett Johansson and NHL’er Sidney Crosby all have in common? They each use the Eight Sleep Pod, a specialized mattress cover that purports to improve sleep and overall health better than any wearable device. But how does the Eight Sleep smart mattress cover work, and is it worth its four-figure price tag?

I’ll be testing the company’s latest Eight Sleep Pod 3 next month – but while you wait for my in-depth review, here’s what you need to know about Eight Sleep smart mattress covers and why many high-profile individuals and regular sleep enthusiasts alike praise them as highly as the best mattresses on the planet right now. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Presidents’ Day mattress sales for big Eight Sleep price drops too.

What is Eight Sleep?

Eight Sleep is a ‘sleep fitness’ company founded by CEO Matteo Franceschetti, CTO Massimo Bassi, and VP of Brand & Marketing Alexandra Zatarain. After a successful crowdfunding campaign for its EIGHT: Sleep Tracker & Smart Bed Cover in 2015, Eight Sleep now sells three versions of its tech-loaded Pod Cover along with other accessories to help hack your sleep. 

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