Arcade1Up Knocks Off $200 On Gaming Cabinet Deals Including The Simpsons

Gamers have been hibernating during winter, completely immersed in their favorite comfort titles. However, with summer right around the corner, party season follows suit, and owning your very own gaming cabinet from Arcade1Up could be a great activity to offer when friends and family are around for a BBQ.

If you’re more of a lone wolf or devout gaming collector, these cabinets make a stunning accessory to any home, and thanks to a flurry of deals on the market, you can pick up your arcade experience for cheap and play your favorite vintage titles without worrying about a closing time.

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Arcade1Up is giving even more gamers the chance to buy their very own gaming table with $200 off these selections of retro classics.

Arcade1Up Pong 2-Player Gaming Table

Product still for the Arcade1Up Pong 2-Player Gaming Table

An Atari staple in gaming history

$499.99 $699.99 Save $200

This Pong gaming table from Arcade1Up takes competitive gaming back to basics in this two-player nostalgia trip. The cocktail form encourages head-to-head gaming, and in addition to the Pong base game, the table also comes with eleven other titles, including Tempest, Destroyer, and more classics. Best Buy is currently selling this table with a pleasing $200 discount, taking the price below $500.

Pong and Atari are synonymous in the minds of retro gamers, as the table tennis-themed title stands are one of the earliest arcade games to be released, and it’s considered to be the first commercially successful video game. Pong may surprise the uninitiated with its addictive, two-dimensional competition that can keep rivals hooked for hours, testing reflexes, concentration, and precision. Presented in a table format, this two-player release is an impressive product to have in any collection.

Flaunting a $200 reduction, Best Buy is bringing the price of this Pong table down to under $500 – which is a stellar price tag considering how old the game is, its popularity, and its presentation within a retro format. Become the proud owner of eleven other games alongside Pong, as this reduced purchase is a deal worth taking advantage of today.

Arcade1Up Dragon’s Lair Gaming Cabinet

Product still for the Arcade1Up Dragon's Lair Gaming Cabinet

Previously seen on Stranger Things…

$499.99 $649.99 Save $150

Relive the magic of this hand-drawn interactive title on your very own gaming cabinet thanks to Arcade1Up and Best Buy’s $150 discount. Dragon’s Lair is an iconic cartoon-turned-game with challenging combat as you save Princess Daphne as Dirk the Daring. When you purchase this cabinet, you’ll also secure additional games Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp and Space Ace.

One thing Netflix’s Stranger Things ignited was the longing to return to bustling arcades, and the show also returned the spotlight to a pioneering title from the 80s. Instead of using sprites in gameplay, Dragon’s Lair took advantage of the LaserDisc’s storage potential to introduce animated gameplay and cutscenes, and therefore, the title has remained a significant one in gaming history making this cabinet purchase a rare steal.

This is another Arcade1Up gaming cabinet that’s now sporting a price tag under $500 thanks to Best Buy’s discount. Considering how revolutionary Dragon’s Lair was in arcades, this reduced price is a bargain for collectors and Stranger Things fans can also take advantage of this reduction if they’re on the hunt for memorabilia.

Arcade1Up NBA Jam SHAQ Edition Gaming Cabinet

Product still of the Arcade1Up NBA Jam SHAQ Edition Gaming Cabinet

Hoops fans get in on the action

$599.99 $699.99 Save $100

Sports fans are once again being treated in Best Buy’s gaming cabinet sale with this NBA Jam variant and its slam dunk $100 discount. The vibrant shell is the perfect aesthetic for any Basketball and gaming fan alike and this purchase will also bag you software for NBA Jam Tournament Edition and NBA Hangtime games.

It may be Super Bowl season, but American football fans may also take an interest in NBA and Arcade1Up has the perfect gaming cabinet for hoops fans. The 1993 game from Midway was the first in the series with gameplay based on Arch Rivals, and this NBA Jam cabinet is a special edition because the design contains extra details promoting the former basketball player and four-time NBA champion, Shaquille O’Neal.

Best Buy is knocking another $100 off this special Shaq edition, lowering the cost to $600 – which is a fantastic deal considering the cabinet is a unique variant. Offering gameplay for up to four players, this is the perfect activity to indulge in during halftime, either by yourself or with a group of friends.

Arcade1Up The Simpsons 4-Player Gaming Cabinet

Product still for the Arcade1Up The Simpsons 4-Player Gaming Cabinet

A 4-player trip to Springfield

$499.99 $699.99 Save $200

Thanks to GameStop’s $200 discount, you and three of your friends can take The Simpsons characters for a spin in this classic arcade title from the 90s, offering Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa’s battle against the Springfield roster. If you make this cabinet your own, you’ll also secure The Simpsons Bowling as an extra perk.

This final cabinet appeals to both die-hard fans of The Simpsons and retro arcade gamers, the latter of whom will remember this cabinet being crowded. Offering four-player gameplay with hours of fun, this gaming cabinet also has Live Wifi, which allows you to battle through Springfield with a friend playing remotely on their own cabinet. All Arcade1Up cabinets come with a lit-up marquee to support nighttime gameplay, but this The Simpsons edition also comes with a stool matching the blue and yellow design.

GameStop is following Best Buy’s lead by offering a $200 discount on this cabinet, reducing one of the most popular arcade games to under $500 on its original platform. Collectors of The Simpsons memorabilia will also be keen to get their hands on this, and now they can for nearly half price.

Street Fighter fans are in for a treat!

Arcade1Up Has Up To $300 Discount On Gaming Cabinets Including Street Fighter

Discounts like these don’t come knocking every day, so here’s your chance to take home your favorite retro gaming cabinet from Arcade1Up.

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