Forget Pixel 7a — the Pixel 8 is down to an all-time low price of $399 without a trade-in

We’re always raving about the incredible value of the Pixel 7a, mainly because of its affordable $499 cost. It’s no wonder why it makes our best cheap phones list, but the newer Pixel 8 powered by Google AI is one worth looking at right now thanks to a deal that actually brings its price to less than the Pixel 7a.

Normally, the Pixel 8 fetches for $699 when it’s not on sale — and currently $549 directly through Google. But Mint Mobile’s offer for the Pixel 8 gives the prized phone its all-time lowest price at $399. Best of all, it doesn’t require a trade-in that many other wireless carriers and retailers require. And to sweeten the deal, Mint Mobile’s adding an additional free 6 months of service when you select any one of its 6-month cell phone plans. This is one of the best Pixel 8 deals we’ve seen yet.

Prices for Mint Mobile’s cell phone plans range from $90 for a 5GB plan for 6 months, all the way to $180 for an unlimited plan. Whichever plan you end up choosing, this Pixel 8 bundle offer will automatically tack on an additional 6-months of service for free. Meaning, the $90 you pay for the 5GB plan is good for 12 months. That comes out to about $7.50 per month just for the service, which is undeniably one of the best cheap cell phone plans you can get.

One of the biggest trends this year centers around artificial intelligence features that power some of the best phones out there. Even though it technically launched last fall, the Pixel 8 remains to be an AI phone to beat with its intuitive set of Google AI-assisted features — such as Magic Editor, Best Take, and Google Assistant’s ability to take phone calls for you with Call Screen.

Outside of its handy set of AI features, the Pixel 8 is a skilled camera phone capable of capturing excellent photos with its dual camera system consisting of a 50MP main wide camera and 12MP ultrawide. Its compact design is a lot more manageable too, while its brighter screen is a significant improvement over its predecessor in the Pixel 7.

The craziest part about this Pixel 8 deal from Mint Mobile is that it still costs less than what you’d pay for the Pixel 7a — and it comes with the service as well. You only have one color to choose from, Obsidian, but a Pixel 8 case can easily spice up its look.

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