I teach stretching routines for a living — 3 exercises that strengthen your hips and open your hamstrings

A quick stretching routine could help ease tension in your hamstrings and hips to counteract the negative impact of sitting down all day — and you only need one of the best yoga mats to do it. 

I teach 30-minute stretching routines every week and have developed a bank of go-to exercises for strengthening your hamstrings and hips. Performing these three lower body exercises at least several times a week could help release lower body tension and improve posture and overall flexibility. 

Best of all, you can scale them to be suitable for beginners or increase the intensity using some of the options I provide below, based on my experiences from teaching.

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If you’re currently suffering from an injury or returning to exercise following pregnancy or illness, check in with a qualified medical professional before starting any new exercise regime and stop if you experience sharp or persistent pain. 

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