I test the world’s best mattresses and my No 1 choice is $400 off today

If you’ve been waiting for Saatva mattress to drop a juicy Presidents’ Day offer, the wait is over as today you can save $400 on orders worth $1,000 or more at Saatva. That means you can get the Classic innerspring hybrid mattress for just $1,595 in a queen size – that’s $100 cheaper than what I see most months. 

The Saatva Classic is the best mattress in the world and the one I recommend to most sleepers seeking deep pressure relief, back support and luxury hotel vibes at home. $1,595 for a queen is a price I normally only see around major holiday events. Is it the lowest price I’ve seen in the last year? No, that came during the Labor Day sales last September when a queen size Classic plummeted to $1,395. 

However, based on my experience of tracking monthly Saatva mattress sales, I’m very confident that you won’t get a cheaper price than this for a few months once this deal has ended. So now is the best time to buy the Classic but only if you use our exclusive $400 discount – it will save you up to $200 more than if you were using the standard Saatva offer. Here are the details on this time-limited Presidents’ Day mattress sale…

Is the Saatva Classic mattress worth the money?

Yes, the Saatva Classic is worth the money even when it’s not on sale. This is a superb, handcrafted hybrid bed (foam and coils) suited to pretty much every sleeper thanks to its customizable firmness levels and heights. It has ranked top of our guides for years and, while there are other great beds out there, none can rival the Classic’s overall package. 

Couple that with a year’s sleep trial plus a lifetime warranty and free old mattress removal, and this is a very compelling package. The only downside for me is the $99 exchange or returns fee. Pretty much all other traditional and modern mattresses in a box offer free returns, but I’d be amazed if you decided to return the Classic after sleeping on it anyway.

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