My Hero Academia Sparks Debate Over Mirko’s Season 7 Design

My Hero Academia fans are debating Mirko’s makeover for Season 7 of the anime!

My Hero Academia is introducing a new design for Rabbit Hero: Mirko with Season 7 of the anime, and it’s sparked a debate among fans for how it’s been translated to the manga! After making her full debut in the series during Season 5 of the anime, it wasn’t until Season 6 that fans actually got to see Mirko in a full fight. Leading the charge on the then gestating Tomura Shigaraki and tearing through Dr. Garaki’s underground laboratory, Mirko ended up with some of the biggest moments of the season. But also ended up with some of the biggest injuries. 

Mirko lost both an arm and a leg along with taking even more damage in the fight against the Nomu and an awakened Shigaraki for her efforts trying to take the villain down before he woke up, and she’s been out of action since that fight while things exploded in the hero world across Japan in the rest of the sixth season. She’ll be returning to action with My Hero Academia Season 7, and the first poster featuring her new design has brought up some issues with the way the anime’s adapting it. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 7 will be premiering on May 4th, but the anime will be returning earlier in April with four special recap episodes planned to bring fans back up to speed (with additional footage promised). Mirko is one of the pro heroes that will be back in the center of the action as the next arc of the anime will officially kick off the final string of fights between the heroes and villains. These fights are still being settled in the newest chapters of the manga, however. 

Mirko’s return to action comes with new prosthetics that have changed since her first appearance as they shifted from a gatling gun to some kind of claw. But the point of debate here is how the official colors for these prosthetics have been changed for the anime’s iteration of this design, so we’ll be seeing more of it fairly soon as she’s in some pretty big battles to come. 

What do you think of Mirko’s new design for My Hero Academia Season 7? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything My Hero Academia in the comments! 

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