Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra pro video mode is nearly perfect — but it’s missing this one simple feature

Now that it’s been a few weeks of me using the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, I have a much better grasp at how it works as a video camera. Sure, I’m still a bit bummed by the telephoto camera downgrade, but I’ve found out that its telephoto camera performance is still one of the best amongst flagship phones — and partly the reason why it still takes top honors in our best camera phones list.

But despite its wealth of Galaxy AI features, like how Instant Slow-mo mode converts video into a slow motion clip, there’s still one simple video camera feature it’s missing. I’m referring to its inability to switch between its four cameras when recording video with its Pro Video mode. It could be an oversight on Samsung’s part, but considering how it was no different from the Galaxy S23 Ultra last year, I suspect it could be a hardware limitation of some sort.

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