Nightingale Offers The Solution To My Obsessive Item Hoarding


  • Scavenging for resources like wood and berries in survival games can be a real chore when you get over-encumbered or run out of storage space.
  • But in Nightingale, you can just crush excess items into Essence dust for upgrades and cash.
  • Nightingale rewards compulsive resource-gathering, providing a purpose for every item collected in the game.

A major mechanic in survival games is scavenging around for everything, anything, useful. These resources tend to be things like wood, stones, and berries (well, food in general, but I swear it’s always berries).

I’m sure for many survival players, this is a hard ask, scouring every corner in the hope of finding just a drop of water. But then you have players like me who click E every time the prompt shows up, filling my inventory with so many rocks and berries that my over-encumbered self has to slowly and awkwardly waddle to the next location.

I have my reasons — reasons I know don’t make sense and yet follow anyway. Which is why I couldn’t help but notice that Nightingale has a great little system in place that just may finally end my scavenging problem. Because in Nightingale, you can crush any item in your inventory into Essence.


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But What If I Need It Later?

Say you finally make it back to home base after a long session of resource harvesting. It’s time to put your food in storage. Oh, but what’s this? Turns out you need yet another new item chest, because the last 4,000 rocks you collected have taken up all the space.

This is a cycle I end up in all the time. Food often goes bad in survival games, but I still manage to overstock there as well, causing about as much food waste as all of America. But I refuse to just dump them out; my brain tells me I need these items, and I can’t get rid of them until they serve a purpose of some kind.

A purpose such as crushing them into Essence. A stockpile of Essence is a much different scenario than a thousand rocks or berries. Essence can be used for upgrades, or it can be outright sold, so it makes much more sense to have an endless supply. In just a few clicks, I can suddenly declutter my base and have spending cash. Talk about spring-cleaning.

No Longer Over-Encumbered


Of course, resources can be heavy, especially if you’re hardwired to pick up every rock you see, like I am. Nightingale features a carry weight, as many games do, and once you go over that limit, you will be over-encumbered. When this happens to me, be it survival-crafting or RPG, I usually just power through it. I refuse to drop my items before I do anything with them.

And since Essence is essentially currency, it did my heart a lot of good to see that when you crush an item into Essence in Nightingale, the weight of the items is erased from your current carry weight! So essentially, any excess you’re carrying can be converted straight into currency, instead of having to dump things on the ground.

I don’t often feel rewarded for compulsive resource-gathering in survival games. Often it feels like I’m going against the alleged rules, as I have way more than the game expects. So I have to say I’m excited that Nightingale has a system in place that directly rewards my playstyle. It brings a greater sense of value to the resources, establishing a sense of purpose no matter how many twigs and stones I’m already hoarding as I venture out for more.


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