Everything To Do At Oppy’s Auto Shop

Surviving in Pacific Drive requires you to become familiar with the game’s core mechanics, such as inventory management, crafting, and intel gathering. After the game’s introduction, where you lose your car, find a new one, and get it running by siphoning fuel, you’ll eventually reach a garage called Oppy’s Auto Shop.


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As you park your car outside Oppy’s Auto Shop and enter the garage, the game will throw a number of objectives at you with very little direction. If you’re finding it challenging to complete these objectives, the following guide is here to help.

Pacific Drive

February 22, 2024

Ironwood Studios

Flip The Breaker Switch

Breaker switch highlighted in Pacific Drive

Your first objective upon entering Oppy’s Auto Shop is to flip the breaker switch. Doing so powers up the garage, illuminating the place and opening the large door as well. The breaker is a small switch that may be easy to miss due to the darkness of the garage. However, if you look for a glowing red bulb as soon as you enter the auto shop, the breaker switch shouldn’t be difficult to find.

Approach the switch and press the button prompt to flip the breaker. You can then drive your car into the garage, where you can repair and refuel your vehicle.

Equip The Backpack

Backpack highlighted in Pacific Drive

After power has been restored in the garage, your next objective is to pick up the backpack from a table. There are multiple tables in the garage, and to make matters complicated, the game doesn’t highlight the backpack for your convenience.

After you exit the small room where you flipped the breaker switch, look immediately to your right in the garage to spot a large table, where you’ll find the backpack.

The backpack is a key survival item in Pacific Drive, as it allows you to store multiple items. Without the backpack, you can only pick up one item at a time. As you begin collecting more items in the game, such as metal and glass shards, duct tape, and chemicals, you may also want to consider sorting these items in your backpack to make the most out of every available backpack slot.


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Put On Mechanic’s Eye

Mechanic's Eye hanging from a wire in Pacific Drive

The next survival item the game asks you to pick up is the Mechanic’s Eye, which is hanging by a large map. Given the angle of the shadows falling within the garage, the map itself can easily seem like a garage wall texture.

To find the Mechanic’s Eye, look immediately to your right from the table where you picked up the backpack. The Mechanic’s Eye looks like a pair of red binoculars. Equipping the Mechanic’s Eye brings up the heads-up display, allowing you to scan for mechanical and electrical items in the environment, as well as keep an eye on your car’s overall condition.

Patch Up Your Wound

Health kit tagged in Pacific Drive

The final objective within Oppy’s Auto Shop is to use the healing kit to patch up your wounds. The healing kit glows with a bright green color and is attached to a wall. Additionally, the game tags the healing kit with a yellow marker, ensuring you won’t miss it.

Once you’ve patched up your wounds, the primary survival objectives at Oppy’s auto shop will be completed, and the next set of objectives will involve repairing your car. The game will now provide step-by-step instructions on salvaging materials to improve the condition of your car.

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