Skulls & Bones: How To Get Copper

Skull And Bones gives you the taste of pirate life with many opportunities for adventuring. There is little to no hand holding in this game and while that has exciting aspects to it, it can become a bit frustrating when you’re trying to locate certain items.


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There are a few different resources you’ll be utilizing, whether it’s for your ship or just in crafting. Some of these resources are more common than others, but regardless, it can be a bit difficult to know their exact location on the map. Luckily, out of all the resources, it’s fairly easy to find copper, though it isn’t too common in the game as a whole.

Skull and Bones

February 16, 2024

Ubisoft Singapore


The Skull And Bones character is showing the map location of copper.

If you open your map, there is actually a symbol representing copper. This symbol looks like a cluster of brown rocks, though you might have to zoom in quite a bit to see them. But if you’re looking for any materials, once you discover the area then the materials will show up on it.

If you scroll the map west from Sainte-Anne, you will find some copper south of Bova Hill. These clusters will be located along the river bed flowing through this island. It will be near the sacred tree area. It will be within the Red Isles, which is pretty beginner-friendly. Simply put a marker on the copper on your map and follow the symbol at the top of your screen.


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Harvesting Copper

The Skull And Bones character is harvesting copper from their ship.

Just like when you harvested the Acacia, you will not need to leave your ship to harvest the copper. You will pull up next to the river bed and use your pickaxe on a metal deposit. You will be given a little timing event and if you get the timing in the green while harvesting, you will receive more copper.


The Skull And Bones character is showing that copper can be refined to make Bronze Ingots.

Similar to what you can do with the Monstrous Tooth, Copper can be pretty valuable and a great way to get money in various areas. You can also use copper in upgrades and it is needed to make bronze. The bronze ingots are refined from copper and become stronger, heavier metal that’s used to craft advanced ships and equipment.

If you’re interested in finding more resources in Skull and Bones, check out our guides on how to get steel ingot and how to get magnetite.


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