10 Best Tarot Cards, Ranked

Balatro is a roguelike game that encourages the player to break the traditional rules of Poker with its twists and turns. While said rules do apply, they’re not always the best play. With Joker cards that flip the entire paradigm, and various ways to change the number and types of cards you have in your deck, it makes sense to focus on those elements in order to maximize your score rather than keep focusing on the Poker side of things.


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One of the ways you can change your deck is through Tarot cards. These cards are available in the shop, either to be purchased separately or as a part of a Booster Pack, specifically the Arcana Booster Packs. They can also appear through some Joker magic. Regardless, since Balatro is also a deckbuilder, they alter the composition of your deck in various ways. Choosing the right card can drastically alter the odds in your favor.


February 20, 2024


10 The Magician

A Fool’s Errand

The Magician Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: I
  • Turns 1 selected card into a Lucky Card
  • Lucky Card: 1 in 5 chance for +20 Mult. 1 in 15 chance to win $20.

The Magician is a luck-based card that doesn’t always deliver on its promise. Well, it does give you one lucky card, but having a lucky card is a very hit or miss thing. While you have the chance to win big, it doesn’t make sense to invest in something that only pays you back sometimes.

You might get lucky and trigger the 1 in 5 chance, but relying on luck in a number-based game is a fool’s errand and shouldn’t be attempted. You can use it as a Hail Mary at best, and even then you shouldn’t expect to get anything in return. It’s best use-case is for when you have a lot of money and not a lot of places to spend it.

9 The Devil

He Does Bargain

Devil Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: XV
  • Enhances 1 selected card into a Gold Card
  • Gold Card: $3 if this card is held in hand at the end of the round

The Devil is a great utility Tarot card that can enhance your overall play. It doesn’t help during a blind, but having an extra $3 is something that’s hard to pass up on. Since the card itself only costs around $3-5, it’ll pay back for itself in a turn or two, if you manage to draw, and then hold on to the specific Gold Card.

Having multiple Gold Cards in your deck can be a great way to boost your income, so you can buy exactly what you want, but you shouldn’t rely on these cards for too long. Otherwise, your run might become beyond saving by the time you reach the fourth or fifth Ante. Buy it if you don’t have a lot of other good options and use it on numbered cards that you’re not likely to use.

8 The Hierophant

Big Numbers, Bigger Payouts

The Hierophant Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: V
  • Enhances 2 selected cards into Bonus Cards
  • Bonus Card: +30 extra chips

Having a bonus card in your hand is a blessing that might give you that extra push you need to beat a blind. 30 Chips might not sound like much when you’re dealing with numbers in the five, or even six digits, but the 30 will add on to the total Chip number, compounding on the multiplier and helping you score much higher.


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Since every Bonus card will give extra chips, buying as many Hierophant cards as you can is the way to go. Don’t skimp out on spending when you stand to gain so much, and have so little to lose. Create Bonus cards of a wide variety and don’t just focus on face cards to ensure you’ll be able to score said card.

7 Temperance

Patience Pays Dividends

Temperance Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: XIV
  • Gives the sell value of all current Jokers (Max of $50)

Temperance is a card that becomes relevant in the late stage of the game when you have 5 Jokers in your arsenal and each one is more impressive than the other. If you see the card earlier, you don’t have to bother buying it. However, once you’ve racked up enough Jokers, it’s well worth the investment of a handful of dollars to get a lot more in return.

To be fair, even in the early game, you’ll easily make your money back and then some, but you stand to make a lot more later on. You can hold on to the card if you so wish, in hopes of getting a bigger payout later on. You can click on each Joker to see what their sell value is. Be careful not to click the Sell button though, since it doesn’t ask for confirmation.

6 The Empress

Bow Down Before The Multiplier

The Empress Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: III
  • Enhances 2 selected cards into Mult Cards
  • Mult: +4 Mult

It’s easy to increase the amount of chips you gain from each hand, but it’s not easy to increase the multiplier that, well, multiplies with that number. Having a Mult card will let you do exactly that. Similar to Bonus cards, Mult cards are game changes and should be bought as often as possible to increase the overall score you’ll end up getting.

If you see an Empress card, you should absolutely buy it. The rewards are well worth the meager money it costs to get the card. While it’s important to use good poker hands to get a better score, having a multiplier card will let you increase the score exponentially.

5 The Lovers

Jack Of All Trades

The Lovers Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: VI
  • Enhances 1 selected card into a Wild Card
  • Wild Card: Can be used as any suit

Having a card that fits into any suit is extremely useful when creating your perfect Poker hand. It’s not as important as making the multiplier or chip number go up, but having a good hand means you’ll have a good base to stand on where you can compound your bonuses.

A wild card will let you play Flushes, and if you have a Straight already lined up, it might even let you get a Straight Flush, the rarest hand in poker. These hands score significantly higher than others, and can singlehandedly win you the entire blind.

4 The Hanged Man

Death Take You

Hanged Man Tarot Card in Balatro

  • Card Number: XII
  • Destroys up to 2 selected cards

Having the perfect deck is extremely important in ensuring your overall victory. One aspect of that is picking the right Jokers and opening Standard Packs to get more desirable cards. Another aspect is to remove the unnecessary cards from your deck.


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It might seem counter-intuitive to some that by destroying cards in your own deck, you can increase the odds of winning, but that’s how the statistics work out. If you have fewer number cards, you’ll be able to get face cards more often. Removing face cards doesn’t make sense, since they’re the highest scoring cards in almost any situation.

3 The Hermit

The Pious Get Alms

The Hermit Tarot Cards in Balatro

  • Card Number: IX
  • Doubles the money (Up to $20)

What’s not to like about money? It’s shiny, it makes the world spin, and you can always have more of it. The Hermit is a card that lets you simply double your reserves. There’s no downside to the card whatsoever, so why not buy it?

You should note that the amount used to buy the card will be deducted first even if you select the Buy & Use option. If you don’t have more than six or seven dollars in your possession, you shouldn’t buy this card. Any higher amount and you’ll be at a net profit.

2 The Fool

Surprisingly Useful

The Fool Tarot Cards in Balatro

  • Card Number: None
  • Creates the last Tarot or Planet card used this run. The Fool is excluded

Whether or not you want the previous Tarot Card you used, getting the last Planet Card is something you should always strive to accomplish. The main method players will increase their score is by utilizing various poker hands. Having the right Poker Hand can give you a multiplier of up to eight times, and that’s without any enhancements.

Once you start leveling up your poker hands, you’ll be able to score even high using the enhanced multipliers. You should focus on improving the levels of more common hands like Pairs, Two Pairs, and Straights, but improving higher scoring hands will have an even better effect on their score.

1 The World/The Sun/The Moon/The Star

Best Of The Best

The Star, The Sun, The Moon, The World Tarot Cards in Balatro

  • Card Number: XXI/XIX/XVIII/XVII
  • Converts 3 selected cards to Spade/Heart/Club/Diamond (respectively)

Poker is a game involving the skill of bluffing, knowing when to quit before you lose everything, and playing the odds. Getting a good hand is a rare occurrence, with the game forcing you to bet it all on making the hand through learned experience and pure luck.

In Balatro, you can just change the hand you have to your liking using one of four Tarot cards: The World, The Sun, The Moon, and The Star. Using these cards, you can change the suit of any three cards, giving you incredible power over your own fate. A simple Straight becomes a Straight Flush, and a humble High Card becomes a Flush. The effect of these cards is permanent, meaning the cards you change will remain a different suit for the duration of the run.


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