Invader Zim Exec Shares All-New Look at Its Pilot

Invader Zim’s pilot has emerged with a new look at its early days!

Invader Zim first debuted nearly 25 years ago with Nickelodeon, and one of the minds behind its early concept stages has revealed a new behind-the-scenes look at the animated series’ original pilot episode! Invader Zim had a fairly short run with Nickelodeon as the series was brought to an end before the second season even aired its final episode, but you could never really tell that considering how big Invader Zim has become as a franchise in the years since. Not only was it a massive cult hit in the early 2000s, but its iconic imagery was a big deal among a certain generation. 

Invader Zim has since grown into a massive fandom that fans are still hungry for more material from nearly 25 years since the animated series first made its debut with Nickelodeon, and now fans have gotten a cool look at how it all began. Brian A. Miller took to social media to reveal a cool behind-the-scenes sketch of Dib from the original pilot episode from 1999, who noted how he left Nickelodeon before the series started its full production. Check out the new behind-the-scenes look at Invader Zim‘s origin below: 

How to Watch Invader Zim

If you wanted to go back and check out Invader Zim for yourself, there’s actually a great way to check out all of the episodes. The complete two seasons are now available to stream with Paramount+, so you can see why it’s become such a hit with fans of a certain generation. Invader Zim is described as such, “Stand back, ignorant Earth filth! Invader Zim has been sent from the planet IRK on a mission of doom. Disguised as a child and accompanied by GIR, his robot, Zim has come to assume control of Earth. But, a wrench named Dib interferes with his plan…”

If you wanted to see even more Invader Zim, the animated franchise actually returned several decades later with a special sequel movie project bringing back the franchise years after it came to an end. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus takes place after the events of the original series, and brings the franchise to a proper end that fans had wanted to see. You can check it out on Netflix, and they teased it as such, “When Zim reappears to begin the next phase of his evil alien plan to conquer Earth, his nemesis Dib Membrane sets out to unmask him once and for all.” 

Where does Invader Zim rank among your favorite Nickelodeon animated series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! 


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