Lakewood Church shooting video: Houston police release bodycam, security footage of Genesse Moreno’s rampage inside megachapel

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Eyewitness News is going through newly released videos showing the moments before and during Genesse Moreno’s shooting rampage inside Lakewood Church earlier this month.

The Feb. 11 shooting occurred as the 36-year-old woman entered the megachurch, opened fire, and was confronted by two off-duty officers – one from Houston police, the other from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission – who returned fire and shot Moreno dead.

Moreno brought her 7-year-old son Samuel, who suffered a gunshot to the head during the exchange and was treated since the ordeal with critical injuries.

In ABC13’s first-glance review, Moreno, clad in a long coat, parks her car by the curb of the church entrance and walks in with her son. Inside the church, a camera, not picking up audio, captures her entering with parishioners in the concourse before walking out of view. Those parishioners suddenly scramble as a uniformed officer is seen taking cover.

Moreno then reenters the frame, holding a long gun without her son. Then, the officers return fire, and Moreno falls to the ground.

ABC13 continues to review the new critical pieces in the investigation two weeks after the Lakewood rampage. Tune in or stream Eyewitness News at 4 p.m. for a complete first-look and breakdown of the footage.

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ABC13’s Lakewood shooting coverage

An investigation is underway after a deadly shooting was reported at Lakewood Church near the Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas.

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