Microsoft Copilot can now help you shed your winter weight

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft’s Copilot is now offering a fitness GPT, along with other options such as a vacation planner and recipe generator.
  • Users can now work with Copilot to create designs using the Designer GPT, potentially leveraging AI-generated images.
  • Microsoft is developing a GPT builder to compete with OpenAI, with a group of users already testing out the feature.

We’re coming to the end of February, which means a lot of New Year resolutions to go to the gym are starting to become a distant memory. However, it’s not too late to get back on your feet and exercise, especially with AI becoming fitness experts. Now, Microsoft’s AI companion, Copilot, has a custom GPT that helps you lose some pounds, alongside a few more welcome additions to the chatbot.


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Microsoft Copilot becomes a fitness trainer


The news broke via Jordi Ribas on X, who acts as the Head of Copilot. Jordi released an animation of the new Copilot GPTs at work. While they show off the fitness GPT specifically, Jordi mentions a designer, a vacation planner, and a recipe-generating GPT, all of which you can see as options right at the start of the animation.

Take note that while the other GPTs have generic names, the designer GPT is called, well, Designer. This likely means that it’ll use the same AI-powered Image Creator tool that Microsoft added under the Designer name. Jordi’s post implies that people can work with Designer to create designs, but it’s still uncertain if this will be any more complex than asking Copilot to make tweaks to an image it has already generated.

It also appears that Microsoft is hard at work getting a GPT builder underway to compete with OpenAI’s custom GPT marketplace. In a reply to someone asking about the possibility of custom GPTs, Jordi stated that Microsoft already has a controller group of users testing out the feature with Copilot. As such, it may not be long until you can create your own chatbots using Copilot.


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