Nightingale: How To Get Coral

Nightingale provides plenty of diverse realms to explore and become bewitched in. Throughout these enchanted magical ventures, you will come across all manner of fearsome foes. If any of these enemies should cause a lot of damage to you, you may find yourself in need of healing.


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There are plenty of tips and tricks to help make your experience go much more smoothly. However, having the right tools and resources at hand will be of vital importance no matter where you are in the game. In order to craft potions to keep you healthy and alive, you are going to need to submerge yourself to get some Coral.


February 20, 2024

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Where To Find Coral

Nightingale Ocean

Some of the best crafting games available will have players needing to explore underwater to get their hands on resources otherwise unobtainable. For Nightingale, Coral is one such resource. Coral will prove to be vital in your playthrough, but you will not be able to get it easily. There are many different realms to explore in the game, and you can access these realms using Realm Cards. The more abundant water is in the realm you are in, the more likely you will be able to get your hands on very large amounts of Coral. Walking alongside large bodies of water in these realms will allow you to survey what treasures lay within them.

If you are in a Desert realm, Coral may be very hard to come by, but it is not impossible to find. Forests on the other hand have much larger sources of water to scour for your Coral needs. In fact, Forests make for one of the best early realms because of their abundance of useful resources.

Collecting Coral inside underwater caves can be dangerous, as you have a limited amount of time before your health starts to chisel away — and this depleting health will quickly become a dire concern to return to the surface. However, there is a very useful card to come by in your hunt for Coral, and that will be the Amphibious Card.

The Amphibious card is a Minor Card that will increase your swimming speed and your stamina recoverywhile in water. This card can be obtained by visiting a Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader. This means you may want to favor a Swamp over a Forest — with Desert being at the bottom of your list.


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Why Is Coral Special?

Nightingale_ Coral to Healing Potion Icon

Coral can be used to craft health potions, and in any survival game, health recovery is a very sought-after feature to have on hand. Along with one piece of Coral, you will also need one Bone, one piece of Glass, and five Essence Dust. With these ingredients, you will be able to craft yourself a Slight Healing Potion.

However, before you can make any healing potions using Coral, you will first need to get yourself anAlchemist Boiler. You will need to visit an Essence Trader and get a recipe for you to make such a crafting station. As you progress, you will be able to make even more advanced stations that serve the same purpose — albeit more effective ones. This will be your key to having access to the best healing potions possible in Nightingale.

While the Prodigious Healing Potion does not require any coral, there are 2 more potions beyond the Slight Healing Potion that will still make use of this resource. The first is the Moderate Healing potion, which will also only need one piece of Coral and one bone. However, you will now need one piece of colourful glass, and a total of 50 Essence Dust. The second is the Great Healing Potion. For this, you will need a piece of Polished Coral and Diamond Glass, along with a whopping 500 Essence Dust per bottle. You will also need at least an Excellent Alchemical Boiler to make both of these upgraded potion options. Bones are easy to farm, so you will have no short supply of them.

You will be able to make a Healing Salve much early in the game, and all you will need to make this salve is a cooking pot. However, a Healing Salve will only restore your health gradually — not the best candidate while your health bar is almost empty, and you happen to be in the middle of fighting for your life against a fearsome attacker. You will want to use a Healing Salve for after a big fight and while you are sorting your inventory, but keep your potions ready for when you instantly need your health topped up — Healing Salves are also much easier to gather resources for.

You may still come across healing potions in other ways such as chests and enemy drops. So if you happen to be running really low, there is a chance you may get some more before you need to dive back into your coral hunting.

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