Release Date, Prerelease Timeline, and More

The next set of Magic: The Gathering, Outlaws of Thunder Junction, hits stores on April 19th.

Get your cowboy boots and saddle up, because we’re heading to Thunder Junction. The next set of Magic: The Gathering, “Outlaws of Thunder Junction,” received an extended first look at MagicCon over the weekend, unveiling a series of cards new to the trading card game. An entirely new plane to the game, Thunder Junction is rooted in Western lore, putting familiar characters into a brand new genre.

The story of “Thunder Junction” begins to be shared on the Magic: The Gathering website and podcast platforms beginning on March 18th, allowing fans to get familiar with the exact characters and lore before they start ripping open boosters a few weeks later. Full spoilers of the card set will be released throughout the last week of March and first week of April.

Prerelease will then begin at stores part of the Wizards Play Network beginning Friday, April 12th and running throughout the following week. Global public release of the set is then slated for April 19th.

“An ancient vault has been discovered in Thunder Junction, and it’s rumored to hide untold riches and power. Everyone wants a slice of the pie, but Oko and his rip-roaring team aim to be the first inside,” Wizards of the Coast says of the story behind the set. “Oko’s son, Kellan, has at last tracked down his wayward father, but his schemes threaten to sweep Kellan into the role of a villain.”

The company adds, “The Omenpaths are open, and everyone’s blowing into town to seek their fortune as an outlaw. Oko, the baddest outlaw of them all, is getting together a posse of the Multiverse’s most wanted to pull off a heist of epic scale.”

The full timeline for “Outlaws of Thunder Junction” can be found below!

  • Story Begins: March 18
  • Debut and Previews Begin: March 26
  • Card Image Gallery and Previews Complete: April 5
  • MTG Arena Global Release: April 16
  • Global Tabletop Release: April 19
  • Prerelease Events: April 12–18
  • Open House: April 19–21
  • Commander Party: April 26 – May 2
  • Store Championship: May 4–12
  • Standard Showdown: April 19 – July 25


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