OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition looks great and adds fun extras that even non-fans can appreciate

The OnePlus 12R is a fantastic phone, but it looks even fancier in its new Genshin Impact Edition, announced this week at MWC 2024.

Costing £699/$649, this is the latest in OnePlus’ special-edition phones partnered with the popular action-RPG, but this year, with the OnePlus 12R focused even more on gaming, the team-up seems even more ideal.

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact edition lock screen

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition stands out from its siblings with a brand new Electro Violet colorway and an anti-glare “Silk Glass” back. That’s then enhanced by lightning and peacock feather-inspired decorations to match with the design of Keqing, the GI character that the phone’s design is built around.

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact edition back detail

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The matte aluminum frame’s been recolored too, but the top edge is now “electro-etched.” It looks normal at a glance, but it will reflect Keqing’s name onto a surface when you catch the light just right.

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition electro etching reflecting Keqing's name

(Image credit: OnePlus)

The redesign applies to the software too. OxygenOS is almost unrecognizable with all the new icons, wallpaper and always-on display designs, animations and sounds. Some of those new noises are actually Keqing voice lines from the game too.

OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact edition home screen

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Even if, like me, you’re not a super fan of Genshin Impact, there’s no denying the phone looks stunning in a way that its basic blue or gray versions do not. But there’s more to this phone than just a fancy purple reskin.

More substantial changes


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