Baldur’s Gate 3’s Achievements Prove Who The Game’s Most Unloved Characters Are

There are a lot of characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, and they attract varying levels of popularity. “God’s Favourite Princess” Shadowheart is far more popular than her fellow companion Wyll, as an obvious example.

Even the worst individuals Baldur’s Gate 3 has to offer have their fans. A cursory glance over social media will reveal lovers of Raphael, Mizora, Orin, and even Cazador. There are no fans of Mar’hyah, though, and for good reason. Barring the universally reviled dog hater, though, the most unloved characters may come as a surprise.


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Being a wholly evil being might not seem conducive to attracting a fandom, but being unknown is worse than being infamous. If we take a look at Steam’s global achievement stats, we can observe that the achievement ‘Outsourcing’, an achievement you obtain for hiring a hireling, has only been achieved by 16.2% of players.

More players have finished the 100+ hour game than have solicited the services of a hireling. These 12 brave souls are undoubtedly the last-appreciated characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, and in an attempt to rectify their lack of notoriety, I’m going to highlight every one of them (credit Baldur’s Gate 3 Wiki for the images).

Dedicated Protectors, Unwavering Supporters

Baldur's Gate 3 Hireling Split Image 1 Try 2

First, we have Eldra Luthrinn, a Dwarven Barbarian. She drowned hunting Absolutists on the Chiontar River. As a result, she probably won’t be too pleased to find herself with you for company. You’ll notice a lot of these adventurers ran afoul of the Absolutist cult before they met their fates.

Why not hire Brinna Brightsong, a Halfling Bard, had her life cut short by an Absolutist after a controversial performance? Or what about Sina’zith, a Githyanki Monk poisoned by an Illithid tadpole, the seed of her sworn enemies? She was struck down by her people after they discovered her affliction.

Next time you think about picking up a Shadowheart, why not consider a Sir Fuzzalump instead?

Kerz, a good-natured Half-Orc Paladin, befriended a group of Ogres and lived with them until the band was attacked, forcing him once more into service. We don’t even hear how Kerz died, and I do love a mystery.

Baldur's Gate 3 Hireling Split Image 2

Very’ll Wenkiir, the Drow Ranger with an ambiguous background, used to write poetry about hedgehogs before the Absolutists slew him for failing to comply. And how about his Underdark kin, the Duergar Warlock, Kree Derryck, a fearsome Absolutist killer whose consorting with ancient eldritch entities had fatal consequences.

Everyone loves a pair of Elves. Jacelyn is a Half-Elf Sorcerer with a backstory written around a punchline, and Zenith Feur’sel is a High Elf Cleric who died almost immediately upon reaching Faerun.

Baldur's Gate 3 Hireling Split Image 3

Then there’s Maddala Deadeye, a blind Human Rogue who had her sight restored by an inhumane True Soul who wanted Maddala to observe her village burning to the ground. The Gnomish Wizard Sir Fuzzalump has a no less tragic backstory, the other Gnomes used to mock him for being so serious about his study of cave moss. There’s nothing humorous about a noble scientific pursuit.

Varanna Sunblossom is another ex-Absolutist, a Half-Elf Fighter executed by her general for being a tad too impressive. You know, Withers does offer a lot of people who don’t have much cause to follow you, besides an assumed hatred for the Absolute. Last but not least is Danton, a Tiefling Druid with a love for peacocks, a love which did not save him from being murdered by cultists.

Yes, yes, we all love Shadowheart and Astarion. But, you’ve had enough time with them, next time you think about picking up a Shadowheart, why not consider a Sir Fuzzalump instead? Your conscience will thank you.

The Best Outcome For Everyone

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