Last Epoch: Desert Treasure Walkthrough

The Desert Treasure is a tricky quest in Last Epoch. Here’s a guide to help you out.

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Last Epoch is an amazing hack-and-slash RPG that players who loved games like Diablo 4 and Hades will absolutely adore. The game follows the player character as they traverse the many different timelines of the game’s world.


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During the Divine Era, you will need to complete the quest Desert Treasure. This is one quest that can be super tricky to complete if you aren’t sure how to do it. Here’s a guide to help you out along the way.

Last Epoch

February 21, 2024

Eleventh Hour Games

How To Complete The Desert Treasure Quest

You will obtain this quest in the desert area while you are searching for a hidden tomb. You will be told that there is a hidden treasure within the tomb and be sent to look for it out in the desert. Here’s a breakdown of each step.

Finding The Tomb

This is probably the most difficult part of the search for the treasure. Once you have the treasure, things are pretty straightforward.

  1. Start out at the Radiant Dunes Waypoint and head south.
  2. You will eventually come across a fork in the road, you will want to head to the east.
  3. You will eventually find another fork in the road. You want to head up towards the northeastern part of the map.
  4. At the final fork in the road, head east again until you reach the tomb. (You will see a bunch of glowing glyphs indicating you’re at the tomb.)
  5. Kill the Spiteful Gold Elemental and pick up the treasure.

Traveling To Maj’elka

This is where you go once you have the treasure.

  1. Head to the Maj’elka Upper District Waypoint and speak to the merchant there.
  2. He will tell you to head to the Maj’elka Slums.
  3. You can either head to the Maj’elka Lower District and then make it to the Maj’elka Slums, or you can fast travel to the Waypoint there if you’ve already been.

Finishing The Desert Treasure Quest

Last Epoch - Maj'elka Slums

Once you have headed to the Maj’elka Lower District, you will need to face the enemy known as the Scalebane Bodyguard before you can enter the slums. Once you have done this, you can head inside and find the Scalebane Fence. This fence will offer you 5,000 Gold for the treasure, but you can easily haggle him. Here are the rewards for completing the quest:

  • A Passive Point
  • Up to three Idol Spots
  • 3,000 XP

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