Samsung shows off fully bendable OLED display — this could be the future of phones

MWC 2024 saw Samsung reveal its bendiest OLED concept yet with the Samsung Cling Band. This screen can, with little effort, be bent into a domed shape — could this be the future of phone screens?

Samsung wasn’t the only developer to show off the concept; Motorola also revealed their new bendable concept that could attach to a magnetic strap to become a wearable. While Motorola’s nameless design was much more polished, there are some interesting things about Samsung’s design that are worth exploring, as well as some other novelty OLED uses they showed off. 

While we did not have a chance to see the device ourselves, CNET’s Katie Collins reports that the OLED screen remains remarkably smooth when curved over, although there are still some signs of bending. Supposedly the screens at MWC were limited to basic scrolling, which often resulted in random zooming in and out, but looked best while scrolling through photo galleries. 

Samsung rollable screen concept

(Image credit: Andrew Lanxon/CNET)

It seems that Samsung had a wealth of interesting ideas to show off during MWC. For instance, the “Flex Magic Pixel” adjusts the viewing angle of the screen for privacy so that it is more difficult for people to see your screen while in use.


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