Helldivers 2: Major Order – Liberate Veld

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Helldivers 2 features Major Orders that rotate at set periods of time. These orders are generally larger, more expansive goals set for all players to work together to achieve. The previous Major Order involved rescuing civilians and completing a Defense Campaign against Automaton invasion forces — unfortunately, even though Helldivers put up a valiant effort, the Campaign was ultimately lost, with only 7 out of 8 planets defended during the Defense Campaign’s set window. Could Game Master Joel be to blame?


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In the wake of our failures in the previous Defense Campaign, a new Liberation Campaign has begun, one that is quite a bit simpler and already has Helldivers from across the system converging to achieve sweet victory for Democracy. Report to Veld, soldiers; we’ve got bugs to burn!

Updated by Jeff Brooks on March 1, 2024: Veld has been liberated! To receive your reward of 45 Medal, you’ll need to log out of the game and log back in. Enjoy the spoils of Democracy well-distributed, soldiers!

Helldivers 2

February 8, 2024

Arrowhead Game Studios AB

Major Order Objectives & Rewards

helldivers 2 veld orbit

The new Major Order is, quite simply, to liberate Veld. This dense jungle planet is home to beautiful vistas, complete with thick vegetation, a gorgeous skybox featuring the planet’s cerulean rings and several moons in orbit…oh, and a deep-seated Terminid infestation.

Major Order Briefing

Veld was determined clear of Terminid presence months ago, but it appears a subterranean hive eluded detection, and has ben gestating undemocratic vermin for weeks. Now the spawn have erupted, creating a massive outbreak that threatens to engulf the entire planet if we do not act quickly.

Contain the outbreak now, before the bugs are able to spread further.

Major Order Reward

The reward for liberating Veld within the set time limit will be a whopping 45 Medals.

Medals are used to acquire weapons, Emotes, and gear from Warbonds (Helldivers 2’s version of a Battle Pass).

When Does The Major Order End?

Unlike the previous multi-week Defense Campaign, the Liberate Veld Major Order lasts only for a few days — no doubt due to the comparative simplicity of liberating a single planet vs completing 8 planetary defenses.

  • Veld must be liberated by ~9:00am ET on Monday, March 4.


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Active Effects On Veld

helldivers 2 veld drop

Veld currently only has a single Effect active, and it’s actually a good one — Weapon Experimentation. This means all Helldivers, regardless of the Stratagems equipped before starting a mission, will have access to the Eagle Napalm Airstrike Stratagem. This Stratagem is extremely effective at burning Terminids out from their nests and works beautifully in the jungles of Veld, where visibility is low.

Hazards Of Veld

  • Low Visibility Due To Vegetation: Veld is a beautiful planet, full of lush vegetation that makes it a wonderful vacation planet for Super Earth citizens, but that same lush vegetation also makes it a nightmare for avoiding patrols and Terminid pests sneaking up on you, hidden as they are by the dense underbrush. For this reason, the Nuclear Reactor Ship Module will especially come in handy, as it will increase your enemy ping radius by an additional 50 meters on your Minimap, providing crucial extra time to plan your next assault or movement during missions.
  • Low Visibility Due To Night: I can’t confirm outright that the planet only utilizes night missions, but every time I’ve delivered lead-based Democracy on Veld, it’s been nighttime. No daytime to speak of. The planet is beautiful at night, don’t get me wrong, but it also contributes to lower visibility issues.


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