Kenji Tomochika Social Link Guide

The Magician Arcana is Kenji Tomochika, one of the first characters players will meet in Persona 3 Reload; here’s how to max out this Social Link.

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Persona 3 Reload will have players meeting all sorts of characters and forming bonds with them. These Social Links can be hung out with on the days or nights that they are available and will have the players experiencing that character’s story over the next ten ranks.


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Kenji Tomochika is a student in your class who quickly takes a liking to you and invites you out to eat shortly after arriving at school. Kenji represents the Magician Arcana and is a great introduction to the Social Link system of Persona 3 Reload.

Updated by Matthew Schomer on March 1, 2024: This guide has been updated to include a video version (featured above.)

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How To Unlock Kenji & Availability

Kenji Sitting At His Seat In The Classroom

While Kenji can be seen and talked to in some of the first days of the game, it won’t be until 4/22 that he invites you out to ramen after school. This hangout acts as rank one in the social link and will unlock Kenji to hang out with in the future. Kenji can be found in your classroom and is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. As a student, he is also not available the week before exams.


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Kenji & The Protagonist Eating Ramen

Having a Persona of the Magician Arcana in your inventory will have some options when talking to Kenji reward additional points. Numbers in this article have been adjusted to having a Magician Persona.

Rank 1:

No choices during this rank reward social link points.

Rank 2:

  • Of course. +0
  • No Way. +1
  • That’s a secret. +1
  • I’m into older women, too. +1
  • I prefer girls my age. +0
  • I like them all! +1

Rank 3:

  • What, of ramen? +0
  • What, of school? +0
  • What, of life? +3
  • Sounds impossible. +0
  • Good luck +1

Rank 4:

  • Good luck! +3
  • Don’t do it. +0
  • Whatever, man +0

Rank 5:

  • … Is that so? +1
  • Okay…. +3
  • Good-looking, huh? +0

Rank 6:

  • Just like that? +0
  • Why? +0
  • I’ve got plans already. +3
  • Yeah, more than you do. +0
  • Not even a little. +0

Rank 7:

  • What happened? +1
  • I’ll eat it for you. +0
  • In fashion? +0
  • Occult living? +0
  • Bride-to-be? +1
  • Congrats! +1
  • You’re rushing things. +0
  • Sure, whatever. +0

Rank 8:

  • Spit it out! +1
  • Are you in trouble? +3
  • You should talk wit her. +1
  • Figure it out yourself. +0
  • You two should talk it out. +1

Rank 9:

  • Cheer up, man. +0
  • Let me handle this! +3
  • Haha. +0

Rank 10:

  • ….. +1
  • Maybe she did. +0
  • I’m stealing your egg! +0
  • You don’t know when to give up… +1
  • You’ve got this! +3
  • Want me to find you a girl? +3
  • … Are we still talking about love? +0
  • That’s right! We’re great friends. +0


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