Solo Leveling Episode 8 Shares New Preview Video: Watch

Jinwoo Sung needs to level up and Solo Leveling’s next episode is hinting at how he’ll do just that.

Solo Leveling has become one of the most beloved new anime adaptations of 2024, and for good reason. Documenting a brutal world in which the “worst hunter” Jinwoo Sung is given a path to increase his strength, the A-1 Productions series has thrown some big challenges at the anime protagonist so far. With a fiery realm now in Jinwoo’s sights, it’s time for the hunter to start training for the trials and tribulations ahead as the eighth episode preview video has arrived.

Thanks to surviving a life-or-death battle in the earliest anime episodes, Jinwoo has been allowed to increase his skills as a hunter with a major caveat. Presented with “daily tasks’ such as physical exercise and dungeon crawling, the anime protagonist might still be ranked as an “E-Rank”, but he’s well on his way to rivaling the strongest hunters in the world. When last we left Sung, he had defeated a three-headed monster that nearly took his life but relented from a new dungeon as he realized that his power level wasn’t quite where it needed to be. Season one is set to have twelve episodes total, meaning that the season finale is closer than many anime fans might have expected.

Solo Leveling Episode 8 Preview

Solo Leveling didn’t arrive as a manga like many other anime adaptations, but rather, as a “manhwa”. Arriving as a digital comic out of South Korea, the story of Jinwoo Sung has already come to an end in that format, but anime fans could potentially have several seasons in the future to look forward to. Even if Solo Leveling continues, it’s not going to be an easy road for Sung. 

If you have yet to check out one of the biggest anime adaptations of 2024, the first “7.5” episodes are available on Crunchyroll. Here’s how the streaming service describes Solo Leveling as the first season hurdles toward its season finale, “Known as the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind, E-rank hunter Jinwoo Sung’s contribution to raids amounts to trying not to get killed. Unfortunately, between his mother’s hospital bills, his sister’s tuition, and his own lack of job prospects, he has no choice but to continue to put his life on the line. So when an opportunity arises for a bigger payout, he takes it…only to come face-to-face with a being whose power outranks anything he’s ever seen! With the party leader missing an arm and the only healer a quivering mess, can Jinwoo some­how find them a way out?”    


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