Spotlight Hour Schedule (March 2024)

Every month, Pokemon GO introduces a load of new content and several new events for players to take part in. Some of these events come in the form of Spotlight Hours. Spotlight Hours shine a light on a specific Pokemon, giving players the chance to encounter it in the wild at much higher rates than normal.

March 2024 Raids

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Playing during these Spotlight Hours is a great way to catch a shiny Pokemon, as most of them feature the shiny variant of the featured monster. On top of the shiny forms, players will also receive a wide assortment of bonuses while playing during the specified hour. The guide below will list all the Spotlight Hours in the month of March!

All March 2024 Spotlight Hours

Poliwag, Hippopotas, Nidoran (F), Hoppip, Vulpix, Pawmi, and Snorunt in Pokemon GO.

Spotlight Hours are a great way for players to hunt for the shiny forms of the Pokemon featured. A specific Pokemon will have its spawn greatly increased in the wild, increasing the chance for players to encounter a shiny. It’s not all about shiny hunting though, as each Spotlight Hour has its own bonus to incentivize players to join in on the fun. These bonuses come in the form of double XP, double Candy, double Stardust, and much more.

This month, March 2024, Spotlight Hours will take place on each consecutive Tuesday (March 5, March 12, March 19, and March 26), from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. The Spotlight Hour on March 5 will feature Pawmi but, this time around, the featured Pokemon will not have its shiny form available in the game. The Spotlight Hour on March 19 is a bit different as well since it will feature four separate Pokemon (Hippopotas, Poliwag, Snorunt, and Vulpix). While Spotlight Hours normally focus on one Pokemon, this one will feature four, each with its shiny form available.



Shiny Available?

Spotlight Hour Bonus



March 5

No ❌

Double XP for evolving

Nidoran (F)


March 12

Yes ✨

Double catch Stardust



March 19

Yes ✨ (for all)

Double catch XP









March 26

Yes ✨

Double catch Candy


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Which Spotlight Hours Should You Play In March?

The Spotlight Hour on March 19 is a great one to jump into! Players will have the choice of four different Pokemon, all with a shiny form in the game. The bonus of double catch XP is also a great way to level up quickly, especially when using a Lucky Egg on top of this bonus. Players can easily net thousands of XP just from this Spotlight Hour!


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