The Rock Threatens to Strip Seth Rollins of His WWE Championship

The Rock threatens to strip Seth Rollins of his WWE Championship in a lengthy rant about Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns

There’s been a lot of back and forth between The Rock and Cody Rhodes ever since the two clashed at the WrestleMania 40 press conference, but Rhodes isn’t the only one Rock is taking aim at. The Rock is also taking plenty of shots at Seth Rollins, who has aligned himself with Rhodes in his battle against The Bloodline and Roman Reigns. The latest example of that came today when Rock went on Instagram and delivered a lengthy promo about the energy in WWE right now and how he brought that energy back to pro wrestling. He also took shots at Rollins, saying that Netflix doesn’t make a $5 billion dollar deal with WWE because they’re thinking of Rollins, and even threatened to take his Title.

The Rock called Rollins Cody’s new best friend and said he doesn’t even know Rollins, who has no business getting into this matter. Rock then said that Rollins, like a lot of jabronis in the locker room, can’t help himself. Rock played some footage of Rollins in interviews saying they didn’t need Rock and that they had built this last decade of WWE without him. 

If you were a little smarter Seth you’d realize how stupid you sound. Let The Rock drop some gospel on your goofy a**. You need The Rock in ways you can’t even imagine,” Rock said. “You think when Ari Emanuel, The Rock’s good friend, business partner for decades, lead agent… You think when he goes to sit with Netflix across from Ted Sarandos, The Rock’s good buddy and business partner, sitting across from Bela Bajaria, The Rock’s good friend and business partner at Netflix… You think when they’re inking this $5 billion dollar deal for the WWE and Netflix, you think they’re saying, ‘Hey Ari, when WWE comes to Netflix, is Seth Rollins going to be champion?’ They don’t care.”

“They’re saying, ‘Where’s the People’s Champion? Where’s the man who has the most-watched film in the history of Netflix? Where is he at in this whole thing?’ He’s locked in for life. Signed $5 billion. So Seth Rollins, you understand now how much you need The Rock? You understand now right, boy? And you keep running your mouth. You keep running your mouth,” Rock said. “Rock, find some new material. Find some new material Rock, is that right?”

“Okay, well The Rock has some new material for you. How about this, here’s some new material for you Seth Rollins. The Rock sits at the top. Director, TKO Board. Not WWE, but TKO. Which means The Rock is the boss. Which means The Rock is your boss. Which means The Rock owns everything The Rock, everything associated with The Rock, The People’s Champion, Owns it all! Which means The Rock is your boss, which means Seth Rollins. if you keep running your mouth and sticking your nose in The Bloodline’s business, then that World Title that you have around your waist. Very soon, The Rock will make that Title go to somebody else,” Rock said.

“Read between the lines. Yes, The Rock just blurred it. Keep running your mouth, sticking your nose in The Bloodline’s business. This is between The Rock. It is between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes, that’s it,” Rock said. “Stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, The Rock guaran-damn-tees you, and The Rock has built a career on doing everything he has said he’s going to do. The Rock guaran-damn-tees you stick your nose in our business, that world Title you have around your waist will go to somebody else. And there’s two things you can do it about it, Seth, nothing and like it.”

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