WWE’s Cody Rhodes Responds to The Rock With Hilarious Meme

Cody Rhodes breaks his silence on The Rock’s social media promo.

Earlier this afternoon, The Rock posted a twenty-minute promo video to his social media accounts calling out Cody Rhodes and the “Cody Crybabies” as well as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. In the video, Rock was spouting expletives including “f-ck your story” aimed at Rhodes and telling Rollins he needs Rock in “ways you can’t even imagine.”

Rhodes has since responded to The Rock’s bold statements about “The American Nightmare” with a simple and classic meme that reads, “I ain’t watching all that, I’m happy for you tho or sorry that happened.”

Cody Rhodes Pokes Fun At The Rock

Since The Rock’s return on WWE SmackDown a few weeks back, Rhodes and Rock have been on the outs. Rhodes had won the 2024 men’s Royal Rumble and immediately called out Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. It seemed clear that Rhodes path to WrestleMania was clear after his title loss last year and everything he’s done to keep himself on top of the division. Enter The Rock who returned and confronted Reigns on SmackDown, seemingly facilitating the dream match between he and Reigns. That match has been teased for years, ramping up when Reigns began referring to himself as the “Head of the Table.” Rhodes’ face in the moment is pretty unforgettable as he walked away with a defeated look on his face. 

The moment would be on of the most talked about things in WWE, transcending pop culture in a huge way. The video itself became the most disliked video on WWE’s YouTube channel and it started a hashtag — or rather a movement — when fans began trending “#WeWantCody” for several days. At the WrestleMania XL media event in Las Vegas, Rhodes made comments about both Reigns and The Rock’s families which prompted Rock to slap him in the face. They’ve been exchanging heated words with one another ever since. 

Rhodes recently made it clear that he wants to face Rock one-on-one while Rollins maintains that he will be Rhodes’ “Shield” if and when The Bloodline comes after him. It’s still unclear what all four men will be doing come WrestleMania time and whether or not there will be a tag team match between The Rock and Reigns vs. Rhodes and Rollins.

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