5 jobs to do in your yard in March to get it ready for spring

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to get out in your yard and start those first gardening jobs of the year. As the sun starts to break through and the ground begins to thaw, there are more opportunities to complete a range of gardening tasks before spring kicks into gear.

So, grab your best gardening gloves and boots while the sun shines and the weather is dry and get outside to prepare your yard for the months ahead. Whether it’s pruning, preparing the soil or sowing seeds, we’ve got 5 top jobs here that you’ll really want to tick off your gardening calendar in March.

1. Get on top of pruning

A rose bush being cut back with a pair of pruning shears

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

With spring expected around mid-March, the early part of the month is a good time to get on top of pruning. Craig Wilson, co-founder, director and garden expert at Gardeners Dream, says, “Late winter is an ideal time to prune. Not only does it make things look a bit tidier, but it also encourages new growth, culminating in better blooms for summer.”


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