7 best Denis Villeneuve movies, ranked

Is there a director with a better hit rate right now than Denis Villeneuve? The French-Canadian filmmaker has been on an impressive run of critically acclaimed films for the last 15 years, as the 56-year-old raises the bar with each project. Villeneuve is best known for his technical prowess, a true visionary filmmaker who excels in sci-fi, thrillers, and war dramas. Villeneuve makes auteur-driven stories at the major studio level that become events for the general public. Only Christopher Nolan shares that distinction. 

Villeneuve’s career spans over 25 years, starting in 1998 with “August 32nd on Earth.” After directing four French dramas to start his career, Villeneuve crossed into Hollywood and began making English-language films in 2013 with “Enemy” and “Prisoners.” In honor of “Dune: Part Two,” we ranked Villeneuve’s seven best films since 2013. With apologies to fans of “Incendies,” this list only consists of the director’s English-language films since 2013. 

7. ‘Enemy’


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