Where To Find Astarion’s Grave

Astarion Ancunin has a grave in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here’s how you can find it.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of moments that truly leave players feeling brokenhearted for the many different companions and their storylines. One character that a ton of players have fallen in love with is Astarion.


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Astarion is a High Elf Rogue who has been living hundreds of years as a Vampire Spawn due to his old master, Cazador. Considering Astarion lived in Baldur’s Gate when he died, it only makes sense that he still has a grave there. Here’s how to find his grave.

Where Is Astarion’s Grave?

Astarion’s grave is located in the graveyard that is within the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. This is the same graveyard where you can find Karlach’s parents buried, along with one of Shadowheart’s earlier mentors. When you see Astarion’s tombstone, you will learn his last name is Ancunin. This is the only place that his last name is mentioned in the game, and you can only figure this out if you translate the language on his tombstone. You will also learn that he died at the age of 39, an age that is extremely young for any Elf.

How To Visit Astarion’s Grave

If you want to visit Astarion’s grave, you can only do so if you romanced him and convinced him not to Ascend. If you meet these requirements, Astarion will take you to the graveyard himself and tell you about his death. He will say that he woke up days later inside his coffin. He was forced to dig himself out just to be met by Cazador when he finally was free. From then on out, he was Cazador’s underling, being forced to do everything Cazador said. He will mark out the date of his death, symbolizing his desire to move on with his life.

Upon visiting the graveyard later, you will not be able to interact with Astarion’s grave at all. The game will not even mention that it is nearby. However, there is a grave that the narrator mentions has been vandalized with the words “vampires are real,” which could be a nod to Astarion’s grave.


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