Attack on Titan Creator Shares First Look at New Manga, Soyogi Fractal

Attack on Titan artist Hajime Isayama has shared a first look at their new manga, Soyogi Fractal.

Attack on Titan may be done, but its creator is keeping busy. It has been a couple of years since Hajime Isayama brought his hit manga to a close, and last year, Attack on Titan bid farewell to its anime. After a well-earned vacation, Isayama is back to work, and we’ve been given a first look at their new manga called Soyogi Fractal.

If you did not know, Isayama has announced their latest project in tandem with Yuki Kaji, the voice actor behind Eren Yeager. The pair are working on a manga one-shot called Soyogi Fractal, and it was thought up by Kaji in light of his voice acting career. This year marks the actor’s 20th anniversary in the industry, and Kaji teamed up with Isayama to bring the series to life.

As you can see above, some of Isayama’s artwork for Soyogi Fractal has come to light, and it looks as sleek as ever. When it comes to this new project, Isayama will be overseeing its story and drafts; However, he will not be doing the full art. A contest will be held to find an illustrator for Soyogi Fractal. Details about the contest have yet to surface, but the chosen artist will work in tandem with Isayama to bring Kaji’s vision to life.

Currently, the manga one-shot is slated to launch this summer. Isayama has posted a comment regarding this new project, and it seems the artist is eager to get back to work. However, their recent time away from drawing has forced Isayama to reacquaint himself with the drawing board.

“I am participating in this manga after accepting Kaji’s invitation. It’s been about ten years since I drew a manga other than Attack on Titan, and I’ve realized how difficult it is to draw manga. However, I’m not the one who is actually doing the final illustrations. It is great to be able to draw as many complex storyboards as I want and then leave them to someone else.”

If you are not caught up with Isayama’s work, you can always find Attack on Titan in print or online through the K MANGA app. As for the anime, Attack on Titan is streaming in full on Crunchyroll as well as Hulu. 

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