Custom keyboard shortcuts come to ChromeOS to boost your productivity

Key Takeaways

  • The latest ChromeOS 123 update offers convenient customization options like keyboard shortcuts and mouse button assignments.
  • Chromebooks with the latest ChromeOS 123 also allow you to share a cellular connection as a hotspot.
  • The ability to change languages for different Android apps on Chromebooks is another noteworthy feature in the update. However, ChromeOS 123 is rolling out in phases, so wait a few more days if you’re not seeing it right now.

Google has started rolling out the ChromeOS 123 update to the Stable Channel, adding some noteworthy customization options. From allowing you to customize keyboard shortcuts to completing actions with the click of a button, the latest ChromeOS update can save you time and effort in performing some of your routine tasks.

Chromebooks have become a solid alternative to macOS and Windows over the years, thanks to some of ChromeOS’s best features. Whether it can fully replace Windows or macOS depends on who you’re asking, because there are some Windows or macOS features that you won’t find in ChromeOS. Luckily for Chromebook users, ChromeOS is slowly reaching feature parity with its rivals. This is particularly evident in the latest ChromeOS 123 update.


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What are the noteworthy new features in the ChromeOS 123 update?

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Keyboard shortcut and mouse button customizations

Keyboard shortcuts help you get things done quicker. While it can be a bit cumbersome to remember all of them, it can get easier to recall many of those shortcuts if you can set the key combinations that are easier to remember for you. If you have a Chromebook, we can now do that after installing the ChromeOS 123 update.

You can now assign your preferred key combination to perform certain actions, similar to how macOS does. If you don’t like the default key combinations simply because you can’t use them with one hand or find it difficult to recall, the keyboard shortcut customizations can come in handy.

For those who still find it difficult to remember the keyboard shortcuts they assigned, you should turn your attention to the new mouse button customization capability. Tasks you earlier assigned to certain key combinations can also be performed with just a click of your mouse. So, for example, instead of using a key combination for taking screenshots, you can simply use one of your mouse buttons to perform the same task even more quickly.


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What’s more in ChromeOS 123

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Some of the best Chromebooks support LTE data connections, but what they lack is the ability to share the cellular network as a hotspot. You’ll no longer see the limitation after updating to ChromeOS 123. You can enable it by going to the Network Settings and then toggling on Hotspot. However, ChromeOS 123 only has support for T-Mobile for now.

Moreover, ChromeOS 123 has something for those who run Android apps on Chromebooks. If that’s you, go to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps > App language to change the language of your Android apps. This way, you can set different languages to different Android apps on your Chromebook laptops.

Another new feature worth mentioning in the update is natural-sounding text-to-speech (TTS) voices with offline capability. With support for 31 languages, those voices have broader language support.

What to do if you don’t see the ChromeOS 123 update on your Chromebooks?

As pointed out by Google in its official blog post, ChromeOS 123 is being rolled out in phases. So all the new features added to it won’t be available to everyone on the Stable channel right from Day One. If you’re not seeing the update right now, wait a few more days, as the rollout process will be completed in the coming days.


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