Dragon’s Dogma 2: Blighted Debilitation

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally loose in the world for fans around the globe to enjoy. This is an open-world fantasy game that has something for everyone. The world itself is vast and teeming with adventure. The game’s many stories are constantly engaging, with the danger of consequences just around every corner. With 10 Vocations to choose from, you’re very likely to find one that fits your preferred playstyle.


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Debilitations are negative status conditions that can hinder your character, and their Pawns, in various ways. The Blighted debilitation will chip away at your health in a way that really adds up over time. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself (or one of your Pawns) in a really bad way. Fortunately, curing Blighted isn’t so difficult.

How To Cure The Blighted Debilitation

If you’re looking to cure the Blighted condition, you’ll want to use a Detoxifying Decoction or Panacea. You’ll likely want to avoid using Panacea, as it can cure any debilitation and restore a large amount of health. It might be best to save Panacea for more desperate situations where you’re suffering from multiple debilitations at the same time.

You cannot use a potion on a pawn directly, However, if you give them the potion in their inventory, they will use it automatically. So, if you have some potions for curing debilitations sitting in your inventory, consider giving some to your Pawns for then they’re inflicted with such debilitiations.

You can also cure Blighted with an Allheal Elixir. This elixir is a precious resource. It will refill your health and stamina completely while also healing any debilitation you’re suffering from. It’s ever more rare than Panacea and will cost you 10,000 gold at shops that carry it.

In addition to becoming Blighted from fighting enemies eager to poison you, you can gain the blighted condition by eating rotten food. Even if said food is cooked, you will gain the Blighted debilitation. Personally, the benefits of eating such food rarely outweigh the cost, as any health or buffs gained will be negated by the fact that it drains your health. Unless you have a lot of materials to cure Blighted, it’s recommended to always avoid gaining the debilitation voluntarily.


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How To Make The Cure For Blighted

Dragon's Dogma 2 Blighted 3

If you don’t have a Detoxifying Decoction in your inventory, you might have the materials to make one. All you’ll need to make one is a Syrupwort Leaf and Pitywort. Combine these two together to make a Detoxifying Decoction that will cure you of the Blighted debilitation. You can mix these ingredients together by using the “Experiment” tab or, if you already know the recipe, you can select the “Recipe” tab to make it directly.

When dealing with materials that can spoil (like apples or grapes), it’s best to make use of them sooner rather than later. A potion made from perishable ingredients will not spoil, but the ingredients themselves can spoil if left in your inventory for many days.

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