Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Increase Stamina

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When dashing outside of a city in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the player’s Stamina will be used, limiting how long they can dash for. While fighting, players can use combat skills or dash, but both utilize Stamina.


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While Stamina does regenerate naturally, players can quickly use up all Stamina and run out, leaving their character out of breath and open to attacks. Prioritizing stamina recovery and increasing the maximum Stamina of the Arisen will become less likely and can make exploration of the massive open world much easier.

Updated On April 2nd, 2024 By Joshua Leeds:Stamina is required for quick and efficient exploration along with using weapons skills in combat. This article has been updated to include an additional ring location and a more powerful ring and it’s location.

How To Increase Maximum Stamina

The Player Purchasing The Ring Of Tenacity

A character’s maximum Stamina is determined by their character level. As characters level up, their Stamina will increase by the amount listed in the center of the level-up pop-up. Players can check their total Stamina in the Status bar of the menu, which is found right below health. While there isn’t a consumable item like Golden Beetles to increase Carry Capacity, players can find rings like the Ring Of Tenacity at Celeste’s Smithy in Checkpoint Rest Town to increase their maximum Stamina further.

Another Ring Of Tenacity can be purchased at the Nameless Apothecary in the Nameless Village. By completing The Phantom Oxcart, players will be rewarded with a Ring Of Momentum, that moderately increases the wearers Stamina.


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Recovering Stamina

A Pawn Recovering The Arisen's Stamina

Stamina use is directly related to the carry capacity of the character. The more you are carrying, the more Stamina used to sprint and jump, with Stamina also recovering slower than usual if you’re carrying too much. Keeping your carry capacity low or increasing your carry capacity can help make your Stamina seem more efficient. Should the Arisen run out of Stamina in or out of combat, they will be left out of breath, where they will move slowly and can’t act for a few seconds.

If this happens, a nearby Pawn will run to your aid and attempt to help you back up, giving you a small amount of Stamina back. Should this not happen, the player’s Stamina bar must regenerate to about 20% before another action can be made. When in combat, be sure to stop just short of running out of Stamina; as long as the bar doesn’t completely diminish, the Arisen won’t get out of breath.

Enhancing gear at a smithy will also lower the weight of that item, helping the character’s carry capacity. While stocking up on Salubrious Draughts will be rough on Stamina recovery, it will be helpful when in need of health in a dangerous fight.


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