I plan on skipping the iPhone 16 Pro Max for iPhone 16 Pro — here’s why

For years the iPhone Pro Max has outshined the regular iPhone Pro model on our best phones list. You get a bigger screen and a larger battery, which means a more immersive viewing experience and longer battery life. And this past year the iPhone 15 Pro Max left the iPhone 15 Pro in the dust by offering an exclusive 5x tetraprism zoom lens, compared to just 3x for the regular Pro.

The good news is that the iPhone 16 Pro should level the playing field this year in more ways than one. For starters, the iPhone 16 Pro is tipped to feature the same powerful zoom as the Pro Max model. So you’ll be able to zero in on subjects from far away and likely enjoy the same 25x digital zoom. The iPhone 15 Pro maxed out at just 15x, which pales in comparison to the best Android phones. 


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