I used Apple Vision Pro’s new Spatial Persona feature to transport my friends to my living room — and it’s mind-blowing

I’m FaceTiming with one of my dear friends when suddenly, they pop out of their static call window from a state over and land right in my living room. We arrange the space so that we’re sitting side-by-side to watch a trailer for Sugar, the upcoming Apple TV Plus series starring Colin Farrell that we’re both excited to see. Then we switch over to TikTok, and spend a bit scrolling through videos, laughing together at the ones we both find funny.

But then I get a few texts I need to respond to, so I pick up my friend with the pinch of the finger and move them to the other side of the room as if they’re as light as a feather. Of course, I’m not actually adjusting the location of their physical body, but of their virtual Persona that just gained spatial freedom via the latest visionOS beta feature released for Apple Vision Pro.

Spatial Persona takes Vision Pro’s face-tracking avatars and makes them feel truly 3D. Now, when you’re in a FaceTime call with someone else who is using a Vision Pro, you’ll see an icon on their tile that looks like a person that’s see-through. If both call members toggle on this icon, you’ll reset inside a shared hang-out space that each of you can control.

Apple Vision Pro

My friend and I “sat” side-by-side scrolling through TikTok videos together through their shared screen. (Image credit: Future)

When we first launched spatial Persona, I worried for a moment that my friend — now standing right in front of my face — could actually see into my living room. I hadn’t planned for company, and my space certainly could’ve looked tidier. They assured me they couldn’t, but that’s how real their placement in my field of view felt.


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