Out of the Forest, Into the Forge Walkthrough

After completing Doireann’s previous quest, The Ailing Arborheart, you learned that Brokkr’s Smithy has the scalecinder you require, but due to Brokkr’s hatred of the elves, he would not part with it so easily. Sara, Brokkr’s apprentice, explains that Brokkr would gladly exchange some scalecinder for a rare elven dish called nutriabh.


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In order to begin Out of the Forest, Into the Forge, you must return to Sacred Arbor and update Doireann on these developments. This quest can be fairly quick and easy to complete, though it’s made much easier if you have already placed Portcrystals at Sacred Arbor and Bakbattahl. This guide breaks down everything you need to know to complete Out of the Forest, Into the Forge in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Acquire Rotten Apple & Rotten Fish

dragons dogma 2 quest delivery screen rotten fish and apple

Doireann is surprised that dwarves like nutriabh, as it’s not very tasty. She describes it as “a pungent stew of old fish and apples, boiled till it forms a thick paste.” She has misgivings, but she is willing to trust you on this and only requires the necessary ingredients for the dish:

  • 1 rotten apple
  • 1 rotten fish

I happened to have a ripened apple in my inventory, so I simply sat on a bench and rested for 2-3 days, then my Main Pawn notified me when I’d acquire the ingredients (when the apple had become rotten). The fish I already had in my storage.

Check your Inn Storage before hunting down these ingredients — you might have stored them already!

Apples and fish are the types of items you’ve likely been picking up throughout the game, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll have any on you at the time of this quest! Fish can typically be found in Saurian caves or along the shores of rivers and lakes. Apples can be found growing in many trees throughout Vermund.

Where To Buy Apples & Fish

dragons dogma 2 harve village settlement

If you’re short on time, you can always buy an apple and a fish! Simply head to Harve Village, and a vendor there will sell you both apples and fish.

If you have a Pawn with the Logistician Specialization, they will almost instantly combine any rotten components into Lamp Oil, so get rid of Pawns with this trait before collecting the necessary items!

Once you acquire an apple and any kind of fish, simply rest on a bench until one of your Pawns informs you that you’ve collected the necessary ingredients.

After delivering the components, Doireann will make the stew, though she struggles through the “vile” smell. She will then be ready to depart for Battahl.

Before you panic about running her the length of Vermund and Battahl to reach the capital, she gifts you a handy dandy Ferrystone.



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Visit Sara At Brokkr’s Smithy

If you’ve set up a Portcrystal in Bakbattahl, you’re in for a simple journey! If you haven’t, your quickest route will be to Ferrystone to Vernworth, take the oxcart to Checkpoint Rest Town, then once through the gates into Battahl, take the next oxcart to Bakbattahl.

After you arrive in Bakbattahl, bring Doireann to Brokkr’s Smithy. Upon arrival, Sara will initiate a cutscene. She mentions that she just cleaned out the forge, so you’ll need to make for a nearby cave where they dump excess scalecinder.

Follow Sara out of the western entrance to Bakbattahl, following the northern path out of the city.

Watch out for the patrolling Griffin near this city entrance. It just loves to cause a ruckus.

After arriving at the designated location, Brokkr will throw a fit at being in the presence of an elf, and then he’ll offer to “dispose” of the elven dish. While he’s distracted, this is your chance to loot the Scalecinder in Straggler’s Cave.

Gather Scalecinder In Straggler’s Cave

dragons dogma 2 scalecinder red circle

Inside Straggler’s Cave, you’re searching for small greenish/gray piles of powder on the cave floor. This is scalecinder. I found several “hidden” beneath crates, so destroy breakables on your path through.

While in Straggler’s Cave, make sure to grab the hidden Seeker’s Token at the end of the easternmost tunnel.

I managed to find 5 Scalecinder before Sara warned that we needed to finish up before Brokkr returned. I was pretty thorough and explored each passage, so I believe that’s all there is to find. Other than a few spiders down one passage, you won’t contend with any enemies in Straggler’s Cave.

Rewards For Quest Completion

dragons dogma 2 warblers capelet
Warbler’s Capelet

After delivering the Scalecinder to Doireann, you will earn:

  • 13000 G
  • Warbler Capelet — a green shoulder cape (visible above).

The Warbler Capelet can also be purchased from Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor for 15000 G.

Though this does complete the quest, you should return to Sacred Arbor eventually to learn how the tree fares. Doireann will be there to greet you, pointing out new growth on their sacred tree. The Scalecinder worked! Doireann will also now be available to petition you to escord her out into the world.

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