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World Batman: White Knight It’s one of my favorite little corners of the larger DC Universe, and now writer and artist Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart colorist and lettering at Andworld Design are back with a new chapter titled Batman: Beyond the White Knight. As the name suggests, this latest adventure will bring the legend of Batman Beyond into the world of white knight, and moves things 10 years into the future as well, and this amazing world happens in a new way. So he said, white knight He is at his strongest when he examines the relationships between the Pat family and what led to all the baggage that those relationships carry, and that is the gist of this latest return. It’s a hell of a debut, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Let’s get that out of the way now, because this entire review can only be compliments regarding the dazzling artwork, coloring, and lettering from Murphy, Stewart, and Andworld Design. If you’ve had visions of a Batman Beyond suit in Murphy’s style, you won’t be disappointed, as Murphy keeps the suit’s design completely simple but with just a few touches to give it that modern flair. Stewart’s bold colors instantly catch your eye while also painting a vivid picture of the new Gotham inhabited by the mysterious Batman, and many of these pages order posters to truly appreciate their awesomeness.

Ironically, Beyond’s suit isn’t actually in the case often, but the team applies a similar but slightly modified twist to Batman’s memories, recreating Bruce’s early adventures with Jason Todd Robin, giving them an almost archaic tone that still feels like they were. part of white knight Globalism. Even more impressive, however, is the way the team portrays the emotions, including several scenes involving Bruce and Jason that capture a moment of vulnerability and remorse like no other. These moments are the foundation not only for their relationship going forward but this issue in general. While Terry McGinnis is a factor here, he’s not the only star.

Speaking of which, while it’s not the focal point, white knightHarley Quinn stars once again in this series, bringing back a charismatic and close mom trying to raise two kids in a challenging world. The dynamic between her children couldn’t have been more different but it also feels familiar enough for dads despite the more bizarre circumstances in play because most people don’t have The Joker for dad.

If you read along with the other comics in this series, you’ll benefit most from this issue, but surprisingly those aren’t required to pick up on this and get ready for speed. For nitpicks, there was a line or two of dialogue that seemed kind of forcing, but that’s just trying to find the issues frankly and they can easily be ignored.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1 He grabs your attention immediately with his eye-catching visuals, but the dynamics of the human family at the center of it all make him so cool. If you’re familiar with diving into the White Knight Universe, this is the perfect place to start, and if you do, you may find yourself jumping all the way. Trust me, you won’t regret it, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Posted by DC Comics

On March 29, 2022

written by Sean Murphy

art through Sean Murphy

Colors Dave Stewart

Messages by Design Andworld

cover by Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart


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