Nintendo Switch is getting a PS5 game launch soon

It looks like Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED users will be getting and getting the PS5 launch game soon. At launch, the PS5 had some great games, basically Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales And the Recreates demon spirits. Of course, the upcoming PS5 launch game for the Nintendo Switch is none of those games. What appears to be coming for all Nintendo Switch devices the passage From developer Giant Squid and publisher Annapurna Interactive. Neither party has announced a Nintendo Switch game, nor has Nintendo announced it; However, the port has been leaked by ESRBan organization that ranks games for release in North America.

Not only does the ESRB rating the Switch game for its leak to this platform, but it indicates that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, as the ESRB is not stepping in and evaluating the game until this game nears release. In other words, expect an official announcement soon.

debut november 2020, the passage It is an action-adventure game and the efforts of the second-year student of the above-mentioned studio, which was the effort of the freshmen in 2016 Abzu. Upon release, the player has a Metacritic score ranging from 77 to 81, depending on the platform.

“from the creators of AbzuAnd the the passage is the legendary adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest, “that’s what it reads as an official teaser for the game.” Be the hunter, the archery master who travels to a mysterious island to dispel the curse of darkness that controls the world. Make contact with your fellow eagle and fly through the air. Perform smooth acrobatics and perform amazing trick shots using a unique archery system that allows for effortless shooting while moving at high speeds. “

As of press time, no party involved has commented on this leak. If this changes, we will update the story. In the meantime, for the latest news, rumors, leaks, deals and speculation on the Nintendo Switch, click here.


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