Ian Anthony Dell details Tommy’s tragic back story on The Walking Dead

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the Sunday “Trust” episode of The Walking Dead. The doctor is inside and the backstory is outside. Before the Commonwealth reunites Okumura siblings Tommy (Ian Anthony Dell) and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), life was a piece of cake for Tommy. The long-lost brother of baker Yumiko has been content with baking the goodies at Elodie’s Treats and not Performing life-saving surgeries as a thoracic surgeon, such as a thyroidectomy that removed King Ezekiel’s tumor (Khary Payton) or an emergency appendectomy performed on Ezekiel’s old friend Teresa (Terry Joe Kennedy). More than a decade after Dr. Okumura fled Chicago at the start of the apocalypse, ending his high-pressure career, Tommy is happy.

“I love my life as it is. It’s the only gift I’ve ever received from a collapsing world,” Tommy told his sister earlier in Season 11. “Please, don’t screw this up for me.” (Spoiler alert: Yumiko ruined it for him.)

After Sunday’s episode of the walking Dead Dr. Tommy saddened by the death of a patient with a bottle of alcohol, Dale reveals more backstory to his character before the end of the world dead talking:

“Tommy’s dramatic storyline is, before the world fell, he was quite miserable as a surgeon. It was a profession he never wanted to be a part of, but was kind of forced into it by the constant pressure from his arrogant parents,” Dell told Live on dead talking. “The job of a thoracic surgeon is a high-pressure, high-risk kind of profession where life and death are every day several times a day. As much as Tommy wished he could save every patient, it is impossible. The losses affect him greatly, and he has never felt so comfortable. towards a health care system bureaucracy that prioritizes one socioeconomic group over another.”

Dell explained that work stress and resentment at work took a toll and “culminated in his drug and alcohol abuse and burning on both sides.” “That life, while working as a surgeon, was very self-destructive.”

In “Out of the Ashes,” Tommy tells Yumeko that he was stranded about 20 miles north of Charleston, West Virginia when he encountered a good group of people after an outbreak. When they ended up in the Ohio Commonwealth community, Tommy covered his history as a thoracic surgeon to avoid assigned work in the hospital.

“When he finds himself on the cusp of the Commonwealth, he is so desperate to start over and start over and say goodbye to that life that he risks being banished or imprisoned—or even worse—and lying about what he used to do in the world before,” Dale said. “He was so happy. He loved it until his sister came and blew up his place [laughs]. ”

The eleventh season finale of the mid-season ‘Works of God’ premieres Sunday, April 10 on AMC. the walking Dead He returns with Part 3 of the final season later in 2022.

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