DC reveals Magog as Arrowverse Comic Event villain

DC revealed the first look at the sixth and final cover of earth head, the recently launched series of events taking place in the DC Universe from The CW’s syndicated television series. The cover reveals that the villain for this event will be Magog, the character who was first introduced in the critically acclaimed 1997 series Alex Ross and Mark Wade. Kingdom come. This brings the book’s teasers about the end of the Age of Heroes more vividly, with Magog being the spearhead of a new generation of darker, more brutal heroes in the original series.

Kingdom come Played in CW’s Events Crisis on Infinite Earths television event, although Magog himself was not specifically named in that story, which featured Brandon Routh as a version of Kingdom come The Superman Who Shared Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh’s Superman History of the Movies.

Features a cover masterpiece by artist Kim Jacinto, earth head #6: “Hero’s Twilight” co-written by Jeff Hirsch and Thomas Pound (The CW’s The Flash) with story art by Will Robson, making its DC debut. Technically, while it wasn’t immediately clear who he is, the first issue of the series, which came out yesterday, features the CW’s debut of Magog.

You can see the cover below.

Here’s the official description from the DC blog:

Through time and universes, Magog has been mobilizing forces to finally free humanity from its dependence on so-called “heroes”. In his eyes, all they are doing is causing pain and destruction everywhere they go, solving no problems nor bringing peace to the world. Magog and his allies plan to change everything and help the community ride on the Super Hero community, and help the community reach its true potential, once and for all.

Each edition of EARTH-PRIME (starting with EARTH-PRIME #1: Batwoman, now on sale) includes a teaser that shows how Magog maneuvers behind the scenes to lure powerful characters to join his cause, leading to this final showdown against the CW superheroes. Additional guides for members of the Magog Army can be found in EARTH-PRIME: Superman and Lois (on sale April 19), EARTH-PRIME #3: Legends of Tomorrow (on sale May 3), EARTH-PRIME #4: Stargirl (on sale May 17) ) and EARTH-PRIME #5: The Flash (on sale June 7). All issues of EARTH-PRIME on sale day and date on participating digital platforms, including the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE digital subscription service.


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