THQ Nordic announces a new digital show event

publisher THQ Nordic has announced that it will be holding a new digital event later in 2022. As summer continues to approach, a number of video game publishers will certainly start announcing their plans for various events, as we have predicted in the past. As of today, though, THQ Nordic is out before anyone else and has revealed that their special will happen much later than expected.

For the second year in a row, THQ Nordic revealed on social media today that they will be holding a new broadcast on Friday, August 12. This date is a long way from what we’re used to seeing other publishers reveal about certain events, but it’s clear that THQ Nordic is trying to get this show on everyone’s calendar beforehand. On what this streaming will have in store, THQ Nordic said it will focus on “new game announcements and updates on previously announced titles.” As such, there are a lot of things in play to show here.

One of the titles that seems likely to be shown during this event is the title Destroy all humans! 2: disapproving. THQ Nordic revealed last year that it was working on a new rework of the classic open-world action game. Since it was announced in fall 2021, the publisher hasn’t said much about the project. It seems likely that this place can reveal more about when Destroy all humans 2 will be back.

Another game we are likely to get a new update for is SpongeBob SquarePants: Cosmic Tremor. An all-new SpongeBob game was also revealed last fall, but we haven’t seen anything from it since its initial announcement. Considering that a clip from the original trailer for cosmic tremor It also appears in THQ Nordic’s promotional video for the event, and it seems certain we should expect to learn more about the game in August.

What are you hoping to see reveal THQ Nordic at this event? Are you even excited about any of the company’s upcoming games? Let me know either down below in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at Trustworthy.


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