John Brown criticized Dot Cotton’s ‘wet fart’ stories following her sudden exit from EastEnders.


According to the BBC, John Brown has died at the age of 95.

Veteran TV actress has played Dot Cotton, a longtime character on EastEnders, for 35 years, making her one of the longest-running characters on the show.

According to reports, June passed away on Sunday at her home in Surrey, surrounded by her family.

She appeared in an astonishing 2,884 episodes as Dot Cotton, a chain-smoking laundry assistant and mother of notorious criminal Nick Cotton, beginning in 1985.

June, a mother of six, retired from the show at the age of 93 after a long series of storylines that included her own villainous offspring and a partnership with her second husband Jim Branning (played by John Bardon).

John Brown passed away at the age of 95

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Known for her Christian faith, the raccoon, and of course the infinitely poor, Dutt is legendary in the Land of Soap.

She is so famous that she influenced the album sets.

In January 2020, the final June scene came on EаstEnders.

He makes the decision to go to the Earl because she is devastated by Martin’s theft of her money.

But it was Sonya, her friend, who persuaded and persuaded her to go to the Earl and persuade her.

“I will miss you and will always love you, knowing that you love me,” she wrote in a letter to her. So, sweetie, I ask you to work it out. Dot, I’m your sweet grandmother. “

June was labeled in an audiotape interview saying that she left the scene “forever” after her trip to Earl and it was only meant to be temporary.

Dot and Dr. Legg, at the request of Leonard Fenton

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“I didn’t want to be a renewed EаstEnders, so I left,” she told Distinct Nostаlgiа.

“I sent her to the Earl, where she will remember for the foreseeable future.” EаstEnders is no longer a part of my life. Limerick was written by me. It’s dirty. “

Her return is referred to as “wet” in the short poem.

“I’m back to do a good story,” it seems complete. I went up in smoke when I got back, as well as well.

“I got a small part, and a small part,” says the publisher. This resulted in a large and wet spread. I’ll never go back, and neither will.”

You can’t get any cleaner than that!

“Our beloved John Brown, OBE, MBE, was soon to be rolled out on the last night,” said a spokesperson for EаstEnders.

“Words cannot express how much June loved and what everyone at EаstEnders loved; the memory of her love, intelligence and humor will forever remain.”

Dot was one of the most popular characters on the show

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“June has made one of the most recognizable characters on Dot Cotton, not just in soap, but in British television, and her incredible performance on EаstEnders created some of the show’s best moments, appearing in 2,884 episodes.”

“June and his friends and family have our deepest condolences and all our love.” Ever today, a bright light has gone out, but we’ll raise the gleam of sweet sherry in honor of June.

“Ours is June, rest in peace.” “You will be remembered for the rest of your life.”


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