Who is Hathor in Moon Night? Meet Yitzil actress Diana Bermudez

** Warning – spoilers are waiting moon knight**

moon knight Episode 3 finally revealed the powerful Ennead, made up of a handful of supernatural Egyptian deities. However, Hathor became a prominent ally of Mark Spector.

We give an in-depth look at the god Hathor and her avatar Yatzel, introduce you to actress Diana Bermudez, and discuss whether Khuncho and Hathor were romantically involved.

Starring Oscar Isaac as Ranger Emeritus, Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel, Mae Kalamawi, and the series created by Doug Munch, Jeremy Slater, and Don Perlin, it follows former US Marine, Spector, as he struggles with separatist identity disorder and his newfound powers from the Egyptian moon god. khoncho.

Moon Night from Marvel Studios | Official Trailer | Disney +



Moon Night from Marvel Studios | Official Trailer | Disney +






Who are Hathor and Avatar Yezel?

In realistic Egyptian mythology, Hathor is known as the goddess of the sky, love, music, pleasure, and more, and she was also known as the protector of women.

In the Marvel lore, however, Hathor is the goddess of love And war. When sent by her father, Amon-Ra, to punish humanity, her bloodthirstiness caused her to turn into Sekhmet – causing a personal crisis for the goddess similar to that of Mark Spector.

The comics also mention that Sekhmet is linked to the panther deity, Bast, who runs the Black Panther, creating another possible MCU connection to the moon knight a series.

Yatzel, the avatar of Hathor, is a soft-spoken woman who immediately showed the kindness of Mark Spector and taught him about what to expect from the meeting, encouraging him not to resist the possession of Khoncho.

Image from Disney Plus.

Meet Diana Bermudez

Diana Bermudez is a British actress of Native American origin and native to Colombia who has built a career in acting since 2014 with a handful of shorts.

Bermudez has played a number of smaller roles in TV series, such as the doctorsAnd Four weddings and a funeralAnd silent watch. The actress has also lent her voice to a number of video games, including Section 2 Play the role of a smuggler and a perch and your cat and Peter in it Forbidden horizon west.

Additionally, Bermudez is credited with starring in the next three episodes of moon knightincluding the epilogue, and also starred in the series’ pilot episode triangle.

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Were Hathor and Khuncho in a relationship?

During episode 3, it is revealed that Hathor appears to be in love with Khuncho, and similarly, Yezel has a weakness for Mark.

After commenting that Koncho’s plays were “unparalleled”, Yatzel also revealed that Khuncho enjoyed dancing to the music of Hathor, suggesting that the pair had a closer bond than the other deities.

Realistic Egyptian traditions do not associate any romantic relationship between the deities, however, the kindness of Hathor towards Khuncho, and Witzel for Mark, can only be a reflection of the goddess’s patronizing instincts.

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By Joe Craig – [email protected]

Moon Knight is now broadcasting Disney Plus.

In other news, who is Hathor in Moon Night? Meet Yitzil actress Diana Bermudez

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