Thor Donny Cates reunites with Venom in a team of big size

A story coming from two numbers in ox Writer Donnie Keats will be reunited with Venom, the character he helped redefine during his multi-year career as Lethal Protector. Thor is the king of Asgard and Eddie Brock is the black-robed king of Symbiote, and together they will face a new threat this July. Keats will be joined by guest artist Salvador Laroca in a two-part storyline starting in July ox No. 27. Regular comeback Nick Klein ox #29. Keats Collaborated With Artist Ryan Stegman poisonwith the duo reaching an epic finale last year as Eddie Brock was named King in Black by Knull.

Creators Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch are the new creative team poison, tells the double story of Eddie Brock as the king of lions in space and his son Dylan accepting the mantle of poison on Earth. Along with writing oxKeats and artist Ryan Utley are redefining the legend of the Hulk by introducing TITAN, a new egos from Jade Giant.

“We are excited to have the legendary artist Salvador Larroca join us as a guest artist for this story!” Editor Will Moss said: “Donnie thought he told all the Venom stories he had to tell, but the amazing world building that Ram V, Al Ewing, and Bryan Hitch have done in their wonderful work poison The series gave Donnie an idea of ​​a story that brings the world of Thor and the world of Venom together in a really new and exciting way.”

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Thor and Hulk celebrate their 60th anniversary this year with a crossover event Hulk vs. Thor: Banner of War. The five-piece crossover from Keats and artist Martin Kokolo comes with covers from legendary artist Gary Frank. The publisher promises that the crossover will have a shocking impact on the future of both Hulk and Thor.

Well, I was a little surprised that Marvel approached me to write this, if I’m being honest. I’m mostly known for writing very small, very quiet, and intimate comics, so I had to—ha!! Sorry. Don’t go on with that,” said Keats. Yeah, that’s going to be crazy as hell guys.” “We’re going to smash everything! Happy birthday, Hulk and Thor! I hope you enjoy massive numbers of violence!”

“Where do I begin? I’m going to celebrate the 60th birthdays of Hulk and Thor, which is truly amazing and a dream come true, but I can do it with a crazy script by the great Donny Keats and backed by a great group of editors? That’s just ridiculous!” Kokolo said. “I was totally honored with this opportunity and gave it 100%. I hope the readers will agree. I can only say to all the fans out there to hook yourselves because this is going to be a wild ride!”

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Thor #27

Written by DONNY CATES

Art by Salvador Laroca

Covered by NIC KLEIN

For sale 7/27


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