Lizzo breaks the character while drawing about Mario, Beanie Babies, and more

Saturday Night Live Came over the weekend with one of her most exciting hosts so far. After the release of her new single, Lizzo took to the stage as the show’s host and musical guest on Last Night. The singer’s vibrant personality was put center stage for all to see, and during one sketch, it looks like Lizzo couldn’t help but break the character thanks to comedian Andrew Desmocks.

It all started when Saturday Night Live She aired her sketch, “Steve’s Beanie Babies”. The muzzle started with the leading Desmox gathering with friends after a long day on the town. It turns out that Salary quit his job under the belief that his group of Beanie Babies could float his finances…but that didn’t happen.

As you can see above, the reel touches everything from Mario to Luigi and every Beanie Baby under the sun. Lizzo keeps her face straight for most parts of the episode, but there’s a lot she can take from the Dismukes’ performance. Before closing the sketch, Lizzo can be seen crashing the character with big laughter, and the crack makes the cast members of the show work even harder to keep that energy going.

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Of course, Lizzo fans have indulged in it Saturday Night Live To see little more than Mario’s muzzles. The singer took to stage last night to perform her new single “About Damn Time,” her first single since she collaborated with Cardi B on “Rumors.” Lizzo also revealed last week that her fourth album is finally on the way, so fans can expect them to. distinct To hit shelves in July.

What do you think of Lizzo’s bullets Saturday Night Live? Would you like to see the singer return to the legend of the night? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or follow me on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.



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